Have You Thought About Doggy Day Care For Your Dog?

  If you have a heavy work schedule and you just hate leaving your dog at home alone, then a doggy day care facility may just be the perfect solution for you and your canine friend. Most dogs need activity and attention, and most of all supervision. Plus, if you are not at home, where […] Read more

Are You Confused About Dog Training

  You brought home the cutest little puppy. You thought he would be easy to train. After all, how hard could it be? That was before you saw the Dog Whisperer on TV, talked to a trainer about clicker training, and read half a dozen web sites online about training your dog in one week. […] Read more

How To Choose A Puppy For The Family Pet

  Choosing a new puppy to be the family pet can be somewhat of an overwhelming task. You need to take into consideration your lifestyle as well as environment and choose an animal that will fit well. The first consideration is whether the family wants a large active puppy or a small cute one.   […] Read more

4 Different ways to train a Dog

  Dog training is not all the same; there are several different ways of training your dog. Of course some are better than others and some require more of your time to accomplish your goal of a well trained dog.     Do It Yourself - This is a method that is used quite often […] Read more

6 Reasons You Should Neuter Your Dog

  Neutered dogs make better pets and better members of the community because they are not wandering the streets contributing to any pet over-population problems. Keeping your dog contained and leashed will also prevent your dog from wandering.   Some of the reasons you should neuter your dog   Your dog is less likely to […] Read more

5 Reasons Why Dogs End Up In Shelters

5 Reasons Why Dogs End Up In Shelters   In America today, more dogs are finding themselves in shelters. People are increasingly getting rid of their best friends. There are hundreds or even thousands of dogs going to shelters every year because of their guardians either being unwilling or unable to care for them anymore. […] Read more

5 Causes Of Aggression In Your Dog

5 Causes Of Aggression In Your Dog   As a dog trainer one thing that I’m seeing more and more of is aggression in dogs. There are many different reasons why a dog might be aggressive and as a canine behavior specialist and trainer it’s my job to figure out what that reason may be […] Read more

Teaching Your dog to Sit

Visual Signal Right hand raising up in front of dog’s nose. This is usually the very first exercise that we teach our dogs and is what I describe in my classes as ‘gears in neutral, handbrake on’! In other words, the sit tends to be used to get the dog’s attention before something else happens, […] Read more

Keep Your Dog Safe When Driving

Maybe you have seen the person driving with a dog in their lap or with its head out the driver’s side window. This is very dangerous and is simply an accident waiting to happen. Let’s discuss some things you could and should do to keep you as well as your dog safe and secure when […] Read more

Backyard Dangers For Your Dog

Backyard Dangers For Your Dog   Believe it or not there are a bunch of dangerous things for your dog right in your own backyard. Everything from poisonous plants, choking dangers and even a fence that isn’t adequate. In this article we will discuss some of those dangers so you can watch out for them. […] Read more

Dog Sports For Your Dog (Part 1)

Dog Sports For Your Dog (Part 1) Some dogs enjoy being couch potatoes and love bugs more than anything in the world. But, there are other dogs that seem to have a calling in life. They can have hidden talents, or not so hidden talents. Does your dog get a kick out of playing frisbee? […] Read more

Does Tug of war teach Aggression?

  Many people worry that if they play tug-of-war with their dog (or “tug”) that they will be teaching their dog to be aggressive. They’re afraid that playing tug with their dog can lead to problems with dominance. Are they right to be worried? Does tug-of-war teach aggression?   Actually, many recent studies have shown […] Read more

Is your dog showing aggression in the home?

  Aggression in the home has become an epidemic. What I mean by aggression in the home is where your dog has possibly bitten the kids, the adults and even the other dog in the house. Sometime it hasn’t gone that far yet however the dog does growl at you when you try to get […] Read more

Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan | Season 9 Episode 12 | Cesars Worst Bite | Full Episode

  Click here for the Essentials of Dog Behavior with Cesar Millan  The Language of Dogs where Cesar Millan plunges deeper into how most unwanted behaviors can be corrected by understanding what our dogs are communicating Read more

Dog Whisperer Holly Facebook

  Kelly and Hyrum Lai always knew their picture-perfect life together would include a dog, but early on their Lab puppy Holly began displaying disturbing behavior food aggression. The Lais' fear that their 18-month old son Griffin could be bitten just for having food in his hand. Cesar is their last hope to help Holly […] Read more

Why do Dogs Drool?

Just about all dogs drool but it’s much more noticeable in some dogs than others.   The most basic reason dogs drool is related to the same reasons they salivate, or, indeed, why humans salivate: they are anticipating food. Any time a dog starts expecting food there will usually be some drool soon.   But […] Read more