You Reap what You Sow

  Dogs in general have a tendency to follow their instincts and their influences. Dog behavior is something that has given countless experts reason to write countless books, and as far and wide as you go you are unlikely to find an expert who advocates an aggressive manner of dog training. The reason for this is that dogs absorb what […]

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My Puppy Bite me!

  Some days during the week I pick my daughters up from school. It all depends on what activities they are doing and what time I am lecturing to . On this day as we drove home my daughter informed me that her friend was having problems with the new puppy. She told me that the puppy had bitten the […]

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Choosing the right toys for your dog

  Choosing The Right Toy For Your Dog Dogs are individuals as much as people are. That means that dogs have their preferences about the toys they like just as kids do. Fortunately there are countless dog toys available. So, how do you go about choosing the right toy for your dog? There are ropes and bones and Kongs and […]

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Are You Confused About Dog Training

  You brought home the cutest little puppy. You thought he would be easy to train. After all, how hard could it be? That was before you saw the Dog Whisperer on TV, talked to a trainer about clicker training, and read half a dozen web sites online about training your dog in one week. Then you picked up a […]

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How To Choose A Puppy For The Family Pet


  Choosing a new puppy to be the family pet can be somewhat of an overwhelming task. You need to take into consideration your lifestyle as well as environment and choose an animal that will fit well. The first consideration is whether the family wants a large active puppy or a small cute one.   A purebred puppy or a […]

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4 Different ways to train a Dog

  Dog training is not all the same; there are several different ways of training your dog. Of course some are better than others and some require more of your time to accomplish your goal of a well trained dog.     Do It Yourself – This is a method that is used quite often and unfortunately the results are […]

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