How to become a certified dog trainer?

How does someone become a certified dog trainer? I’ve trained my dog and several others, but I would like to have some sort of certification in it. I work with a rescue group and would like to offer volunteer services of dog training to people who adopt from this group, but I want to be as good as I possibly […]

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What do you look for when choosing a dog trainer?

Do you prefer: A positive trainer who uses postive motivation and clickers A trainer who was a military/police dog trainer A trainer who promises fast results using methods that include a choke chain or electric collar A trainer who belongs to a reputable dog training association I am a trainer and I am looking for public opinions. Just to clear […]

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Grief Can Be Good

Saying goodbye is never easy, but grieving is a natural process and it’s important to learn to cope with loss. Our pets sadly all have to leave us at some point and perhaps you are currently experiencing the heavy heart of a grieving owner. Your beloved dog may have died of old age, either naturally or through euthanasia to spare […]

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