How much does it cost to buy a puppy from petco?

Are the puppies spayed or neutered? Do they come with their puppy shots? If it helps I live in Atlanta Georgia Yes I know it’s very bad to get a dog from a pet store. But I can’t find a good and clean shelter near me. When I went to one of the nearest shelters all the dogs were in […]

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How does Puppy Mills affect us?

I’m doing a persuasive speech of banning puppy mills, using the monroe motivated sequence speech outline. I discussed that puppy mills are a problem because many dogs are being mistreated (living in small crowded cages, forcing to breed, and being killed while the newborn puppies are being shipped to pet stores with diseases). For my audience who disagree with me, […]

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How Can I get my puppy to eat his new food?

I’ve recently changed my puppy’s food from Purina puppy chow to Nutro Natural choice for large breed puppy’s. At the beginning he liked it but just recently he hasn’t been eating. I know hes picky with it because he would eat anything else but his dog food. How can I get him to eat?

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