How do I get my dog under control?

I have a 10lb maltese. He’ll be a year old in August and he’s absolutely out of control. I’ve tried everything I can think of and everything I’ve found by doing research online. There are no dog trainers in my area, the closest one is petsmart and it is over 2 hours away. He chews up my things while I’m […]

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How does a person become a service dog trainer?

By service dogs, I mean dogs that help those with health problems or who are disabled. For a person with no experience in dog training at all, what is involved in getting the credentials to become a service dog trainer, and how long does it take? Is an actual degree needed, or just a certification program /internship/experience?

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How to socialize my puppy dog?

By socialize i mean making him more comfortable to lots of stuff in this world,like cars,unusual sounds,other dogs,kids,men tall,small etc.. She’s 2 months now and i can’t get her out on a walk until 3 month said the veterinarian..because they must make another injection before she’s OK for a walk. Then a friend came and told me that u can […]

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