4 Different ways to train a Dog



Dog training is not all the same; there are several different ways of training your dog. Of course some are better than others and some require more of your time to accomplish your goal of a well trained dog.



Do It Yourself – This is a method that is used quite often and unfortunately the results are not always what you would hope for. Just like any other thing that you do dog training requires some skill and knowledge that not everybody has. Having an experienced dog trainer to guide you through the steps is definitely a huge asset.


Group Obedience Classes – The basics like sit, stay, down, come and walking nicely on a leash can be taught in a group class however I feel that this is the worst way to train a dog for several reasons. Usually the dogs are so busy checking each other out that they are not paying any attention to the handlers. The handlers are so busy trying to keep their dogs away from the other dogs that they don’t seem to pay attention to the instructor. So needless to say very little training gets accomplished.



Private In-Home Lessons – This is my favorite way to work with an owner and their dog. The training is being done in the dog’s environment where there is no distraction. In the beginning having little or no distraction is very important for success. Since there is only you and your dog all the training is directed to your needs not a group of other people. Keep in mind that with any type of lessons it’s your job to work with your dog for at least one training session a day. Remember that repetition is the #1 principle of dog training.



Board and Train Programs – This is a program that is best suited for the person that has no desire to learn how to train their dog or no time to do it. The great part about a board and train program is that your dog is being trained by a professional, someone who knows what they are doing. If you pick the correct trainer you will receive a nicely trained dog that will perform some specific basic exercises, guaranteed. You should also receive a couple of lessons to teach you what your dog has already learned. This is the easiest way to train a dog but also the most costly.



Keep this one thing in mind if you opt for a board and train program. It takes 28 days to properly train a dog and have it retain the training. So don’t settle for anything less than a 4 – week program.



The basics in dog training are a must, and you’ll probably want to go further than that. But continuing on to advanced can be very rewarding if you and your dog are up to it and enjoying the training.

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