Stop My Dog From Chewing


Stop My Dog From Chewing Everything

This is really easy to do so let’s get started. Chewing starts early and if you allow it to happen as a puppy it will continue into adulthood. This article will tell you how to keep it from happening if you have a puppy and also how to stop this bad habit if you have an adult dog.


Let’s start with puppies. Puppies chew and they especially do it when they are teething at the 4 – 5 month old period. Eliminating chewing is much easier to do when you have a puppy because you can eliminate it before it becomes a big problem and a bad habit.


Puppies that are chewing the furniture and the molding on the walls are dogs that just seem to have to much free time where they are not under your direct constant supervision. So here is the fix and it is really easy. Limit where your puppy can be by only allowing it to be in 2 different places when it is in the house.


• In the crate
• In front of you



Now here is an extra added benefit. Using this same technique will also get a potty trained dog. If your puppy is in the crate it simply is unable to chew your furniture. The last item “in front of you” is really important.



Take the puppies leash and attach it to your belt, that way where ever you go the puppy must come with you. If it is with you it can’t be under the kitchen table chewing on the legs.



If you will follow these simple rules you will find that your pup never develops that nasty chewing habit.



But what if you have an older do that is chewing on everything? This was a dog that didn’t have the chewing eliminated as a puppy and now has the habit. I tell people when you have a 10 month old puppy that is chewing, you will have a 10 year old dog that is chewing unless you fix it.



It really is not that difficult. The steps are very similar to the steps above and include the part about never leaving the dog unattended even for a short period of time. If you will follow these simple guidelines your dogs chewing habit should go away usually within 4 – 6 weeks.



Now here is a little secret that can give you some extra help. There is a product available called Grannicks Bitter Apple. You want the gel and not the spray. It can be difficult to find sometimes in pet stores however it is easy to get online, do a Google search and you will find it for as little as $4.25 a bottle.



Simply take some gel and apply it to the hard surfaces that you dog chews, it will quickly learn to stay away because it tastes bad. When the chewing is gone you simply wipe up the gel.



 These techniques are from Doggy Dan the online Dog Trainer.


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