9 easy Ways to keep Dogs warm in Winter

Few things are more unpleasant than feeling chilled to the core, especially when you are unable to do anything about it.

Unfortunately for dogs, many of them find themselves in this position when their humans forget to think of their basic needs… like “Is my dog warm enough!”

So here are some practical ideas to consider if you think your dog may be getting cold during the day or night, and how to keep them warm…

1. On sleeping outside…

Not all dogs are designed for the cold night air…and if freezing temperatures hit then some dogs do not have the ability to stay warm… Period. So if you have a dog who didn’t originate from the colder climates then give them a bed inside the house.


2. Kennels

Every dog that’s left outside should be given the choice of using a kennel. If they don’t need it then great, but many will if it really gets cold. Kennels should be watertight and protect from driving rain at the front. Consider the use of vertical plastic strips if water is getting in (or look for a kennel with a bigger roof out front).

3. Thick blankets

Every dog’s bed should have enough blankets or covers to keep warm. These could be old sacks, hay, or soft beautiful blankets! Wool blankets will keep much more heat than most. This may even be an old sweater that you’re thinking of throwing away!

4. Get your dog off the ground

The ground can suck a lot of heat out of a dog so get them off the ground. This may be a simple dog bed, or even a wooden pallet with a good thick cover over the top.

5. The doughnut ring

For maximum heat retention place the blankets in a doughnut shape with space for your dog to curl up in the center. With protection from the cold on all sides (and underneath) they only lose heat upwards rather than all directions…

6. Doggy Jackets

Some dogs love them, some hate them…


Even if you have tried one before it may be worth giving it a second go. My little dog Inca hated her jacket when we first bought it her but now she loves it 🙂

7. Inside the home…

Of course if your dog is sleeping inside with you then they are probably going to be pretty warm. Many dogs would do anything to be allowed to sleep inside and keep warm. Maybe give it some thought.

8. Wrapping them up at night

I’m not sure how it has ended up that every night all 4 of my dogs get wrapped up! (I shall catch it on camera one night) I’m sure it’s because it makes them feel warm and safe… Something to consider if it’s cold!

9. Shelter

Every dog needs shelter from the rain so if you haven’t already put some sort of shelter together then today is the day. Doesn’t have to be flash but they need something…!

The converted wine barrel


This wine barrel above has a heap of woollen blankets inside it, and is under a roof on our deck so no water comes in the front… and it does the trick! (It’s amazing that Jack can fit inside it because he is about the same size!)



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These tips are from Doggy Dan the online dog trainer.


Stay warm everybody!


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