A Puppy for Christmas?

I am afraid my article today is a bit of a rant more than basic information on Dog training. It is just something I feel quite strongly about and so If you bear with me  and you love dogs as much as I do then you may resonate with what I say…..


Here we go again…that time of year when that cute little puppy arrives to the delight of everyone around it.

For the most part all I can say is Poor thing!

I hate to tell you this but it is a very sad fact that the majority of puppies usually never manage to stay for more than 2 years in their first home. Basically they do not really live up to what the family thought they were going to be and their behaviour and their personality have become a nuisance. They end up in the cold hard shelters hoping for another family to take them and for most part lead a miserable life from then on as they are moved from one household to another.

I know we all get  excited about getting a new puppy and I do not want to dull that enthusiasm but I had to start with the reality of what actually happens because people do not invest the time to educate themselves first.

Now let’s get one thing clear before you get cross with me. I am not saying that most people who get puppies are irresponsible owners….no not at all,what I honestly believe is that most people just do not realise what is involved and what lies ahead. When problems do arise they have no idea of what to do to correct the situation.

Take my friend Sue who has never owned a dog and decides to get a pug puppy. Sue knows that this will be daunting as she has never reared a puppy before and so the phone calls between Sue and I are numerous. At least with Sue she has realised that she does not have the knowledge on how to rear a puppy and so has researched the information mainly from me. That’s because she knows my background and my business but if she did not know me personally there are other books available, videos you can watch and puppy training classes you can go to observe.

If only more people would realise what is ahead of them and take time out to learn then there would be many more happy and well behaved dogs and our shelters would not be constantly full with hopeless creatures whose behaviour mean their chances of a normal life with a family are nil.

When choosing a puppy it is essential that you are able to determine how the puppy is doing in terms of its development and the only way you can asses how the puppy is progressing is if you know what to look for and also know at what point your puppy’s development should have reached at each stage.

I remember some years ago in South Africa my husband who had his own TV production company produced an amazing add that won loads of awards. The add was brilliant in its simplicity as all it showed was this pretty box with a large bow sitting on the floor. The lids is quickly taken off and out pops this beautiful puppy. Just as everyone is drowning in “ohs” and “ahs” the music changes and the lid is quickly put back on. Just one line appears on screen

Please think before you get that puppy for Christmas”

It had the desired effect!

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