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Being concerned on what a pet dog is eating is perhaps a relevant matter for several dog keepers. There are times that they even make diet plan for their dogs – the type of foods, the total amount, the dietary substances it has, and any other factors that will aid for the dog’s growth.

 By realizing that not all human foods are good for dogs, you will also come up to think that several foods could get put your dog to danger – ven his own dog food. You may be fond that a treat given to your dog makes him love you more but you should be precautious with the pro’s and con’s it might deliver. You have to know the source, how it was manufactured, and the other things you are not still aware of.

You will find these stories pertaining to dog foods. Others may be true while others are just examples of urban legends.

By-products are what they call it. Manufactured dog foods are mainly made up of protein-based compositions. It is said that other kinds of animals are being killed brutally for the providing high-quality meat-based dog food. These by-products often involves meats, trimmings, and naimal organs. Others say that angelic unborn human fetuses can also be used in manufacturing..

Companies do not let the consumers know some of their little tricks in dog food production. Don’t rely on the low prices they offer. Be keen on checking the nutritional values and the unfamiliar substances it has, for an exampple, the preservatives. Some dog foods may damage your dog as it contain the etthoxyquin, a toxin which silently kills without our knowledge.

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Online sites give us much commercials about vegetable dog foods. High temperatures cause the enzyme to bedamaged. It is why veggie dog foods are sold cheaper. Even vegetables are known to cause a promotive health, it is useless if those enzymes are not present because they help in metabolism functionality. Some amount of protein recommended for dogs is also lost.Pets love sugar as humans do. Eating a lot of it causes some animal, normally cats and dogs to consume more and more as it makes them to crave for it. This fact helps other manufacturers. They would put more sugar to dog foods so the dogs would prefer the certain brand fed for them. But it is not the sugar that sustains the dog’s daily dietary needs. Craving for sugar is not a good thing. A dog should be provided protein and not more sugar..Number of dog food-related issues is increasing. It is not bad to talk with your dog’s vet and authorities specially when the problems about dog food production is concerned. It is our responsibility to understand the possible risk it could bring to ourprecious pets.

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