• Emilie,

    Puppies don’t have average weights, because every puppy grows differently.. my Aussie was a fast bloomer.

  • Dogmom CA

    "Pit Bull" covers about 5 different bully type breeds, ranging from 30 to 80 lbs at adulthood. So there is no average, unless you know specifically what breed your dog is.

  • Kasha

    well when my brother’s pit pup was 8 weeks she weighed 12lbs, she’s now 3 months and weighs near 40lbs..the vet said she is BIG for her age. so i’m guessing less than 12lbs but they all grow differently and at their own pace!!!

    hope this helps!!

  • itsme

    My APBT was around 8lbs at that age. She is 13 months now and she is 44lbs. She is at breed standard according to the vet.

  • Rogue Bullies - BSL = BS!

    Like the others said pit bull is not s breed. Most people are talking about the american pit bull terrier when they say pit bull.

    You said more along the size of a bull terrier but I don’t think people really realize bull terriers get bigger than american pit bull terriers. Bull Terriers can get up to 80 pounds and APBTs are only suppose to get up to 65 pounds.

    I own both an APBT and a BT. My BT was 7 pounds at 8 weeks. If you have a REAL APBT then I assume it would be around the same or less.

    Remember all pups grow differently at different rates. There is no specific size for that age and pit bulls can ranger from 35-65 pounds or so.

    Good luck!

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