Calling on dog trainers to stop this madness?

My sister-in-law has taken training courses with her Brittany. She asked her trainer how to train her dog to not go on their second floor. Her trainer told her when her dog gets upstairs to go get him by the collar, to drag him down the stairs and when she is half way down to simply push her dog down to really make him understand!. Believe it or not SHE DOES IT. She has been doing that for 3 months now. The dog is gonna break a leg or worse soon!

Every body in our family has tried to make her understand this is WRONG! She will not listen, she only swears by what her trainer tells her to do.

I need to shake her out of this but how. I don’t need to hear she’s crazy, I know she is! I need to hear good arguments or web page that would contradict this practise.


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  • Wow. It is rather hard to find a web page that goes against this (I assume because most people don’t think there is a need for that…)

    Here is one I found that specifically talks about not dragging, pulling, or pushing a dog. It is geared toward how to train abused dogs…but I would think that would be a good practice with ANY dog.

    I’ll try to find you some more and edit to this answer later on.
    I will also suggest that you check into her trainer’s credentials. My uncle went on and on about his trainer and how great he was (although they were never home to witness it.) When I dog sat for him…the trainer did some very unusual things (one of which I asked about on here…but I got ripped apart for "blaming" the trainer.) One of his techniques was to yell "LAY!" at one of the dogs over and over again. The poor animal had no idea what the man was expecting. Finally, he pushed the dog on the floor. I mentioned it to my uncle who checked it out and spent some time observing him interacting with their dogs….they got rid of that trainer.

    *edit…here’s another site that talks about pushing dogs down the stairs and the result.

  • Common sense should tell her that this is wrong and abusive. She has no business having a dog. You might explain to her that after 3 months of this not working, she received the wrong advise. Someone should let her know that she can be reported for animal cruelty if the dog is injured with these tactics.

  • theonlytufrose

    Thats animal abuse. Any reputable trainer would not tell someone to purposely hurt their dog. And if they do they are not worth it. He should be reported and if she dosn’t stop treating her dog that way she should be reported to. Like I said thats animal abuse and its wrong.

    Would you do that to your kids, No. Then don’t do it to your dog.

  • wow…that’s extreme to say the least. I think you should try to convince her to see another trainer for a second oppinion. I mean, if you were trying to toilet train a child, that would definately not be the way to go about it. That would be abuse. It is considered the same for dogs. See if you can threaten her with calling the animal cruelty division of your city on her, and I would definately report the trainer to them for suggesting such a method.

  • I think you should tell your sister that if someone pushed her down the stairs she wouldn’t like it very much . I think that cruelty to animals is wrong and people who do it should be punished or at lease warned. Do anything to tell her that her trainer is wrong!!!!!
    Good Luck 🙂
    P.S. do anything but don’t push her down the stairs

  • What makes you think she would listen to anyone if she hasn’t listened to anyone so far?
    Sounds like a trainer along the lines of Cesar Millan who also manhandles dogs into submission, which he calls a "calm state" – it’s insane and no dog will learn anything by violent methods, except to be violent.

    Your sister is brainwashed by this nut of a "trainer" = how about getting your vet, or hers, to tell her what a ghastly method of "training" this is?

    It is animal abuse – training is done gently, firmly, and sanely, this trainer needs to be run out of town – and your sister needs to use her brains.

  • Mom_of_2_bulldogs

    I am sorry that the dog is doing this…..but pup thinks she can do anywhere…

    put a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs…….block entrance to the stairs…

    9 times out of 10 its always the human that needs to retrained…… and that is the toughest part because no one feels they should be confronted on the parenting skills of dogs…."their dog, their rules" same happens with human children….

    tricky situation…

  • BABY GATE. ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    throw your sister down the stairs and see how she likes it.

  • keishawillstrop

    put a baby gate on the stairs would b a good idea thats wat i do?and as 4 the person who said give it a pull with a choke chain on how would you like it if sum1 did that 2 u treat animals the way youd like 2 b treated try the baby gate i swear it will work or raise her voice and say no to the dog. other wise she shouldnt have a dog if shes been nasty

  • Wow, I won’t comment on the behavior, plenty has been said here and it’s all true. Kicking and beating is no more acceptable for dogs than it is for humans.

    As for breaking the behavior, dogs are not generally stupid. If this dog is not obeying her commands to stay downstairs, it is doing so for reasons that is difficult for humans to understand. Basically, the dog is dominant and has not acknowledged your sister-in-law or brother as the pack leaders.

    Cesar Millan has an excellent solution for misbehaving dogs that don’t obey. He waits until the dog does something it is not supposed to do, then he does just like a pack leader would do to a misbehaving pack member: he confronts the dog physically by pushing into it’s space and making it back up, all while telling the dog ‘No!’ in a stern voice, he then forces the dog into a submissive position (gently, if possible), either on its belly or back, while pushing a finger forcefully against the dog’s neck or shoulders. This has the same effect as a pack leader that forces a pack member to submit, but without the violence.

    After doing this a few times, simply placing the finger forcefully against the dog’s neck while saying ‘No!’ will serve as a reminder. You may initially have to use the finger to force the dog down into a submissive position several times. I have tried this myself and it is very effective, stopped my dog from excessive barking which she wouldn’t quit doing by any other method.

    If your sister is a Dog Whisperer fan, remind her of this method that he commonly uses on his shows. If not, direct her to his web site, where books or DVDs can be purchased that teach dog owners how to become the pack leader and make their dogs obey.

  • What in sam hill stupid trainer is she using pushing a dog down stairs is too cruel for words get the dog away from that crazy woman before she kills it,or worse maims it

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