Can a prior Master-at-Arms for the Navy become a dog handler for the Airforce?

I have served my full four years and have received an honorable discharge. I chose to leave the Navy for personal reasons, but I would like to pursue a career as a dog trainer. I know the Airforce is the top in military dog training and I was wondering what my chances are of getting myself into that program.

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  • davidmi711

    The Air Force is not taking prior service

  • Jamison

    Security Forces is a pretty easy AFSC to get. Once you are there though entry into the dog handling program gets competitive.

    If you’re smart and you want it bad enough I think it is pretty achievable. Plus you will have a little more rank and experience than some of the other SF people


    The Air Force is always taking prior service with an honorable discharge as long as you meet current AF requirements for enlisting.

  • jeeper_peeper321

    You cannot

    Not until after you enlist as prior service into the AF

    Then serve a couple of years

  • Hayley

    If you can get into the Air Force as prior service and as Security Forces…

    The only requirement is that you are at least an E-4 (for the Air Force) and agree to re-enlist…but I don’t know if you being prior service and having advanced rank (if you are an E-4 or higher) if they will let you do that right off the bat. You may have to do two years in the AF first (or around that) before being able to apply for the specialty.

    The Air Force is the only branch that has a K9 training program…they supply all training to all of DoD.

    The school is around 3 months.

  • Mrsjvb

    not likely as the AF does NOT take prior service and definitely not into an AFSC that is overmanned.

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