Can my puppy eat two different kinds of dog food?

I am getting a border collie puppy and I bought purina puppy chow for him to eat but my dad bought him more food except its purina one puppy food. They are both purina but the second isnt the "puppy chow" brand. Is it okay for him to eat both?

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  • Luvsdard

    Congrats on the new addition. Yes it’s ok to mix them. Keep him on the old food for a few days til he adjusts to his new home. But Purina isn’t the best of foods. Check the labels. They say that corn is the first ingredient…junk. Then wheat, gleutens, soy and disgusting by products are in there. I fed my dog a mix of Canidae All Life Stages, Wellness Just for Puppy and Nutro Ultra Holistic puppy til he was one. Now he eats a mix of Wellness Adult and Wellness Small Breed Adult. Both great foods. He’s small but not THAT small so I mix to give him the best of both.
    If you’re sticking with the Purina, mix a little of the new stuff in starting with 25% the first few days then 50-50 mix for a few more days and if that is tolerated well, you go to 25% of old and 75% of new for a few days then the new one only. OR if you want to keep the mix just keep it at 50-50, it’s actually good for the dog cause it’ll give him other nutrients. Good luck and please read those labels!

  • Canuck

    yes.. my cat eats two kinds. imagine yourself eating 1 type of food for 10 years….yuck

  • Nick L


  • ~amy~

    YES its ok!

  • leannaonthefarm

    yes,but switch it up everyday, and after these two bags are gone….stic with the same food. change in diet can affect some dogs worst than others.

  • Jamie

    i guess you can…but my dog (9 months old) throws up if i switch his food or feed him human food.

  • Kristin

    No, you should stick to one brand. I would find out which brand the current owner is using then use that. Switching food can cause diarrihea. If you dont want to use the food the breeder uses for a long time, then just start with the food they use for a couple days, then slowly start mixing in the food you want to use. You can either take one bag of dog food back to teh store or you can donate it to a local shelter

  • Mitmita

    my dog use to eat like 10 kinds of foods. he was healthy and athletic, but he was killed by stupid people.

    R.I.P jaki

  • -l-_Jungle_Ruler_-l-

    puppies have the amazing ability to eat almost anything, shoes, hoses, they even attempt cats 2 different kinds of food wont hurt him. Puppy food is usually formulated with extra vitamins and what not, thats all 🙂

    Border Collies are gorgeous dogs..walk him heaps..train him early..spoil and love him 🙂

  • online girl

    Yes, because they’re both puppy food.

  • Leigh

    Well, the purina one is better food than the puppy chow. Neither are really good foods at all, though. I’d try Innova, California Naturals, Healthwise, Karma, Wellness Super5mix, Canidae, or Solid Gold to name a few that are good. Purina is full of corn, byproducts, and chemicals-not healthy at all.

  • Corrie B

    its fine to give him both, but you might want to find a good one for him and stick with it. I have found whenever i change up my dogs’ food they get upset stomachs. science diet is kind of expensive but really good. it lacks most of the preservatives that a lot of dog food has in it

  • sarah m

    yeah it fine my dogs food change all the time mostly down to the fact that 1 of my dogs is a fussy bugger and get fed up having the same food all the time

  • neonlights1971

    Well is what he bought puppy food as well?
    I mean I have had puppies that refused to eat puppy food so they would eat the big food the adult food and it didn’t hurt them at all..
    I don’t think it will bother them are you planning on mixing them together? you can ask the vet if your worried about it?

  • Sir Gilbert

    As a new owner of a puppy also. The Vet has advice us to give only one type of food until he/she is a little older. Also by giving the dog different type of food it will give the dog diarrhea. And that’s the last thing you want on your carpet..When you take your pet for its first shots the vet will give you a sample of what they will recommend for the dog..Good luck cleaning after the CRAP!!!!!!

  • Drahfruida

    You would have to mix it, you can’t just give him one scoop of the one and kind another of the other kind on a different day. Their bodies need time to adjust to a food, and if you confuse them with two different kinds they can get sick. Also keep in mind that Purina dog food sucks. You should get Nutro System, or Diamond does their bodies good!

  • Dances With Woofs!

    Yes,but mix them together so you’re feeding equal parts of each.The Purina ONE is better than the Puppy Chow. My dogs have always eaten more than one kind of food and they are very healthy.

  • christy_lou05

    the only thing it may do is make his poo loose..that’s what it does to my mom’s puppy is okay eating any kind…i’d just feed him one bag at a time…he should be okay with the change..if it does affect him it’ll probably only last a day or two

  • alias boxer

    Well, the Purina ONE is better food than the Puppy Chow brand, but honestly neither one are great quality. I wouldn’t go back to the Puppy Chow at all; after he’s done with the Purina ONE, look for something better.

    For future reference, switching foods actually is good for your dog. The change should be gradual though, so every time you switch, do so over the course of a few days so not to upset your dog’s stomach.

  • need help

    I feed my dogs 3 different kinds of food every night would you want to eat the same food day in day out I know I wouldn’t .
    what I do is I have my filler food the same brand same flavor day after day But I
    add 2 to 1 of another kid of food to make it different and I use different kids for the 1 every day till all 3 dags of 1 is gone
    my filler is 2 and that is used every day so no upset tummy’s
    1 cup to 2 or 1/4 cup to 2 – 1/4 cups do you understand ?

  • Molossers I

    It is true that dogs can eat different types of food without any problem, BUT your question was about a puppy and with puppies it is usually safer to stick to one type of food.

    There are several reasons for this: firstly, because abruptly switching pet foods could cause diarrhea, which can very rapidly become life-threatening in young puppies. Secondly, when you bring your new puppy home, they already have to adapt to a lot of changes (new surrounding, odors, habits, possibly other pets, children, …) so keeping them on the same food is just allowing them to keep a small piece of their previous life untouched. With the time, as the puppy grows older, new types of food can be introduced little by little without any problem and most dogs appreciate a varied diet just as we do.

    If you really need to switch to another type of food with your puppy this should be done very gradually. See the following link for more tips on switching foods:


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