can puppies eat applesauce?

what type of baby foods can puppies eat? besides the beef and chicken

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  • mojos1966

    A puppy needs mostly protein…Applesause is o.k. as a treat, but protein is vital to growing bones and muscles….Puppy needs protein, plain and simple….o.k. ?

  • Pranav

    dogs can’t eat baby food. Baby food has onion powder often, which is bad.

    Edit: Apparently one person here doesn’t think baby foods bad for dogs. Everyone who said this got a thumbs down. It isn’t good for dogs.

  • traciedoggie

    no not apple source as apples are quite dangerous to a dog can i ask why you want to feed your dog on baby food anyway

  • Diamond

    no don’t give your dog baby food it’s not good for your dog.

  • lizzybear627

    Puppies need to eat PUPPY food. Not baby food. Never EVER feed your puppy grapes, grape extract, onions, onion powder…. a lot of which is found in baby food. Just stick to pup food.

  • [yunge] abbz

    Puppies Can Eat Anything Except For Raisins, Grapes, Chocolate and Onions.

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