How To Choose A Puppy For The Family Pet


Choosing a new puppy to be the family pet can be somewhat of an overwhelming task. You need to take into consideration your lifestyle as well as environment and choose an animal that will fit well. The first consideration is whether the family wants a large active puppy or a small cute one.


A purebred puppy or a mixed breed puppy will be the first decision you need to make. Each breed of dog has its own personalities and comes with some common predictable traits. Consider what your intended purpose for the pet will be. Companion dogs love a warm lap and are drawn to comfort. Dog breeds that are protection dogs tend to be serious, to not like a chaotic or unpredictable life. Retrieving and hunting dogs tend to be high energy and need to fulfill a sense of purpose.


Choosing a mixed breed puppy also has its advantages because they offer the same love, devotion, and loyalty as other puppies. Some may argue that this type of puppy is healthier because of their combined gene pool. Whatever breed you decide, it is important that they will be able to easily adapt to your lifestyle and environment to avoid serious issues down the road.


If you can, you want to observe the litter to see how the puppies interact with each other. This allows you to see the type of personality that they have. By observing the litter you can also see the type of energy level that the puppy has as well.


Make sure that the puppy has clear bright eyes that have no discharge, and that the nose is damp, cold and clean. A puppy that does not have this may have some health issues. See how the puppy reacts when you first walk in the room.



A puppy that will come up to you right away means they have a good personality for meeting new people. The puppy that ignores you and is more interested in its surroundings will tend to be a lot more independent. They should not show any signs of being fearful or very shy. That is the puppy you do not want for a family pet.


Taking into account all these considerations before making your purchase will allow you to choose the best puppy possible as your new family pet. Remember puppies have their own personality and energy levels. Choose the one that fits in your lifestyle and environment the best, and all of you will have a happy relationship for years to come.

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