So How does Clicker Training Work?

Dog clicker training is new to many dog owners. Truth be known clicker instruction and the strategies behind it have been around for far longer than many individuals know. Clicker instruction is a great method for training all kinds of animals not just dogs. Clickers have been used to teach and train ever kind of animal from whales to chickens. Why? Because they work.

The basic idea of clicker training is to get the animal to determine what the noise of a click indicates. A click is used to tell the animal when he has done anything properly and that he’ll be compensated.

Why employ a dog clicker anyway?

Clickers are extremely fast. It shows the dog the precise second that he has done the correct action. If you look at several people educating their animals you will notice that by the time they have said good doggy, or have presented the pet a treat the animal is no longer performing the right exercise or has changed position. This kind of delay will often impede the dog’s learning process.

Dog clicker education also gives the animal an opportunity to not just be trained but to truly learn. If you are using the dog clicker when teaching primary commands like sit and down, you can often merely permit the animal to do the motion first and click whenever he has executed it. You do not request the motion. You merely click to signify that the activity the puppy has done is a good one.

This passive training system necessitates that your dog be able to make the link between the action that he did and the reward. Meaning your dog is actively learning.

By permitting the animal the opportunity to learn you’ll discover that he will not only learn quicker but should retain the information for longer periods of time. As the dog comprehends the link between the motion and the reward, you modify your approach a little and begin to implement the verbal command when he executes the motion. This produces an association of the term with the activity. Through the use of this unaggressive method of training you’ll need far less repetition to get the dog to perform the action if you do request it. This will additionally set the grounds for more complex and tough commands that you may wish to train your pet.

As a training approach a clicker is among the quickest and best ways to train any dog.

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