Cure your Dogs bad breath with Natural Home Remedies

It is not uncommon for dogs to get bad breath. All dogs are susceptible to this  and it doesn’t matter what breed of dog you have or your dogs size. The good news is that this condition can  be cured fairly easily. It is important to first find out what is causing the problem.

So what causes bad breath in dogs?

Bad breath can be caused by a poor diet, by digestive problems, or problems with yor dog’s teeth or gums.

When bad breath becomes a persistent problem in your dog, then a trip to the Vet is probably something you should not put off. However, just like humans, too many medications can eventually have a harmful effect on your dog. That is why it is good to go to a Vet that does not over-prescribe medications. Vets that believe in  using safe homeopathic remedies should always be your first choice.

Your vet will be able to tell you if the problem is with your dog’s gums or teeth. He or she may  schedule a teeth cleaning and show you how to keep up your dog’s dental health while at home.

Once you know that your pet has no serious health issues then you can begin experimenting with some of the  natural home remedies available.  One common treatment for bad breath is lemon juice.

Freshly squeezed lemon juice is the best choice, if is not available you can use bottled lemon juice just make sure  you choose a brand that has no sugars or other additives. Sugar is not good for your dog’s teeth!

To get your dog to drink the lemon juice, simply add a teaspoon or two to his or her drinking water.

Sometimes  changing the dog foods will get rid of bad breath. Just like us, the food your dog eats may be the very thing that is causing his breath problem.

Dry dog food is usually best. Not only does it help clean your dog’s teeth but it also it doesn’t leave the oily residue canned foods leave. If you already give your dog dry food, then just try another brand. Choose one of the brands sold at your vet or in your local pet store. Yes, they could be more expensive but they are usually healthier  and will save you money on future vet bills.

dogtoothFinally, brushing your dog’s teeth is also a good way to solve bad breath. It will only take a minute or two each day to give your dog’s teeth a quick brush. If your dog fights you on this then check with your groomer or your vet for some suggestions. They may be able to show you what to do to get your dog to open his mouth

When your dog has bad breath it is not the most pleasant thing to live with. However remember that the problem can usually be solved with a simple home remedy once you have determined that there is not a serious health issue causing the problem.

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