Do dogs have the ability to communicate?

The dog’s failure to verbalize what they want and what they feel has not become a hindrance to the formation of close ties between humans and dogs as both can understand each other. How do dogs communicate? Dogs are intelligent animals and using body language and some forms of vocalizations, dogs can very well communicate with other dogs, with other animals and with humans. Dog owners would attest to the fact that man’s best friend really do have the ability to show their feelings and to convey what they mean to their human friends.

Dogs are pack animals and in a household with two or three dogs, the dominant dog will show leadership over the other dogs lower in rank. Dogs communicate with each other in a unique way. The leader of the pack can easily stop unruly play between pack members. The alpha male will assume a dominant position, bare the teeth and let out a menacing growl that would instantly make dogs lower in rank manifest a submissive attitude by lowering the eyes and by holding the tail between the legs.

The growl and the bared teeth is the alpha male’s warning to the dogs lower in rank to behave. When meeting people, humans shake each other’s hand, dogs sniff each other’s butt as a form of communication. Dogs that allow its rear end to be sniffed is communicating its desire to be friends with the other dog.

Dogs cannot speak in the same manner that we humans cannot bark or whine and yet through long years of association, we humans have finally understood what the wagging tail, the whining and the barking, the erect ear and the furtive glances of the eyes mean. Its true, dogs and humans have different ways of communicating but a patient and discerning pet owner will understand what the pet needs and what the pet want to convey simply by understanding the body movements as well as the facial expression of the dog. The barking as well as the posture of a dog that is excited at the arrival of the master is different from the barking of a dog wanting to alert the owners to the presence of intruders.

Dogs are not only man’s best friends they are also man’s faithful companions. Dogs cannot talk but these are intelligent animals and they would know how to get their message across and humans have come to understand the pet by learning the meaning of the dog’s vocalization and body movements.

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