Why Does My Dog Eat Poop?


If there’s one dog habit that genuinely disgusts most dog owners its poop eating.


When you see your dog indulging in this foul habit it generally makes you want to avoid doggy kisses forever. It usually leaves you wondering why on earth your dog would do such a thing.



Fortunately, eating feces (or coprophagia) doesn’t occur that often. Some dogs may do it in phases, but most healthy dogs eating a good diet don’t do it.


Your dog will always be interested in the feces of other animals (especially cats, it seems, and other household pets) but if your dog is eating his own poop then there is probably some other problem going on.


The exception, of course, is a mother dog that cleans up after her pups. That’s perfectly normal and the mother will stop when the pups start eating solid foods.


Dogs may eat their own poop for some of the following reasons:


1. If they are truly starving and there is no other food around.


2. If they are not getting all of the nutrients they need in their diet.


3. If they are eating poor quality food or getting little nutrition from it.


4. Dogs can eat excrement because they are anxious, bored or lonely. This kind of psychological or behavior problem can lead to a dog trying different things.


5. Puppies may taste poop just to see what it tastes like. They probably won’t do it again.


As you can see, the largest contributing factor for a dog to eat his own feces (or other feces) is because of a nutritional deficiency. When your dog’s body is lacking in certain vitamins, minerals or trace elements he may try to find them by sampling different things. Since the feces he finds was once food, it may seem appealing to him as a source of the nutrients that he lacks.



If your dog is regularly eating poop you should check your dog food and consider changing it. What is the protein percentage on the label? What is the fat content? What kind of vitamins and minerals does it provide? What are the ingredients? If the primary protein source is corn then your dog may not be getting much nutrition from it.



Dogs are only able to digest about 54 percent of the nutrition in corn. The remainder passes through them and is deposited in your yard. Change your dog’s food to a dog food that has meat protein sources and your dog will be able to digest more of the nutrients in the food. They may stop his desire to eat feces.



You can also discourage your dog from eating poop, of course, by picking up any droppings quickly, but do check your dog’s dog food to make sure that it’s providing your dog with the nutrition that he needs.


While eating poop is a very unappealing habit it’s one that can be changed. Try to figure out why your dog is eating poop and, if he’s looking for more nutrition, change the food you’re feeding. You should see your dog stop eating poop very quickly.



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