Dog Training Basics

Dog Training Basics

Every dog owner has a dream of teaching his dog to follow every command he utters. There are hundreds of things which dogs can be trained to do, and the best part is that you can do it yourself!

If you are serious about training your dog, you need to get a professional’s help – specially if the dog you have is a large one. There are breeds of dogs that are famous for being trainable by the most novice trainer; and there are breeds of dogs that are well known to pose challenges to the most experienced trainers.

Dog Training Basics

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Here are the six basic commands of dog training.

  • ‘Bark’ and ‘Quiet’ are the first of the basics.
  • ‘Drop’ is the next command – and one that will come in very handy when your dog picks up something that you don’t want him to tear up.
  •  ‘Sit’ is the first command that creates a little challenge for you – but one that you, and the dog, will savor. This simple command will take a little time for your dog and you to master, but is one of the best ‘show off’ commands.
  • ‘Stay’ is the next command, and is in fact, an essential one. Over a period of time, you can teach your dog to stay on your command, and a well trained dog won’t move till you ask it to.
  • ‘Come’ is one of the most popular commands. You can easily teach your dog to come to you, provided you follow a manual that is proven.
  • The last basic command is to ‘Lie down’, and once you spend a little time each day with your dog trying to get it used to the command, it becomes great fun for you and for the dog too!

These are the basics of dog training, and the process is one of great fun!

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