Holiday Dog Collars

The great thing about collars today is that there are so many alternatives for your pet. There are tons of collar options from tough, to sassy, to sweet or conservative. If you like to dress your pet but your pet doesn’t agree, you have the option of decorated or themed collars. Today I will review Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas dog collars.

Thanksgiving Dog Collars

As much as a collar is useful it is nice to add some color to your dog collar. Popular styles during thanksgiving include designs of turkeys and squash, harvest pumpkins and acorns, fall colors of oranges and browns, and even fall colored rhinestone collars. There are multiple websites that offer stylish and up to date Thanksgiving collar designs.

Halloween Dog Collars

Halloween is an exciting time for kids and some parents and possibly pets. If your dog will be walking the kids door to door this Halloween then you may want to have your dog dress up in a costume or maybe just pick an orange and black collar for him to wear. Maybe your dog hates wearing anything, so a Halloween themed collar will keep your dog festive without burdening him. There are collars with pumpkins, and black cats, and spider webs and candy corns. Some of these collars may also be reflective which could keep your dog and kids safe on Halloween night.

Christmas Dog Collars

Finally give your dog a gift for the whole Christmas Season, a beautifully Christmas themed collar. We’ve all seen the dog with the cute little Santa hat or jacket but if your dog refuses to wear one there are many cute collar designs that your dog can show off and he won’t even know it. Designs include snowmen, candy canes, Christmas trees, snowflakes, reds, greens, and penguins and can’t forget the reindeer. A collar, though a small accessory can certainly, draw notice to your dog and show that you and your pet are into the Christmas holiday.
Holiday themed dog collars can get you into the season and hopefully keep your dog out of harm’s way whether out with trick-o-treaters, hanging with the family during Thanksgiving dinner, or out choosing a Christmas trees or caroling.


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