How can i learn how to train dogs for Schutzhund and how do i go about getting them titled??

I breed labs right now and i want to do some german shepherds and id like to train some of my dogs for Schutzhund and try to get them titled. I plan on taking a dog trainer/obdience instructor course this year, but it doesnt involve Schutzhund training.

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  • draggardevir

    United Shcutzhund Association (USA) or DVG (I don’t know what it stands for, DVG America)

    Those are the top Schutzhund clubs in the country, just don’t get jealous when Belgian Shepherds beat the German Sherpherds in the German sport. 🙂

    Also, on a side note, your first bite will scare the *ahem* out of you. 🙂

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