How do I get my puppy from eatting everything?

My puppy named "coco" eats everything from dust bunnys to cat poop. I have little sisters as well and they are messy so when they drop some kinda junk food my puppy eats it. I’ve spanked him and said no to him but it does work? HELP?

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  • rescue member

    First of all, you need to stop "spanking" or in any way hitting your puppy — would you hit a baby for putting things in his mouth? It is viciously mean and does no good at all except to have your puppy hate and fear you because you assault him.

    Get a book on puppies, their care and training, or re=home that poor pup to someone who has a heart and a clue.

    You restrain puppies in a crate (look up crate training, works for potty training too) or baby gate it into a safe room where it can’t get hurt = but then again, you are the one hurting it at the moment, never heard of such a sick, nasty thing.

    If your house is so dirty and yhour sisters are so messy, it is no place for a puppy — either learn how to keep it safe or re-home it to someone who knows about puppies.

  • Sydney Stone

    In pet stores, you can find bitter spray. Spray it on things you don’t want your dog to eat. When they taste the spray, it tastes bitter and they hate it. Your dog will soon learn to not eat things other that dog toys.

  • RosieGirl

    Take a training class

  • hills

    Oh please… People are dropping yummy snacks on the floor. No can can be trained not to do that… Just pick it up before the dog gets it.

    If your dog has a solid stay command, then make him sit and stay while you guys eat. If not, keep him in another room.

    Spanking doesn’t teach your dog anything. It’s idiotic of you to do that.

  • GllntKnight

    Before anyone gets a puppy/dog the house and yard must be puppy/dog proofed. And if you don’t know what that means, it means lock up and put away anything that is harmful or you don’t want the puppy/dog to get into. They are like toddlers that put everything in their mouth. Never spank you dog train it using positive re-enforcement. It doesn’t understand why it is being spanked and will never learn.

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