How does a person become a service dog trainer?

By service dogs, I mean dogs that help those with health problems or who are disabled. For a person with no experience in dog training at all, what is involved in getting the credentials to become a service dog trainer, and how long does it take? Is an actual degree needed, or just a certification program /internship/experience?

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  • Sasquatch

    There a a few options:
    1) Go to a good dog training school (2 come to mind Starmark (Triple Crown) Dog Training Academy in Hutto, TX and the Tom Rose School) also take the Animal Behavior College distance learning course. Then apprentice with a Service Dog provider or Trainer.

    2) Bergin University in California has 2 and 4 year degree programs for Service Dog Training. There is no distance learning program there at this time that I know of.

    3) Apprentice with a Service Dog Provider or Trainer. Most companies (Providers) and independent trainers will prefer that you be "school trained" before taking you on as an apprentice trainer.

    Something to remember: Training Service Dogs; People are putting the trust of their lives in your hands. You are going to have a very big impact on their lives. Training Service Dogs is a serious business. But very rewarding.

  • bluebonnetgranny

    You go to school to become a dog trainer & behaviorist & then study the requirements for service dogs & go lean all about them. This will take several yrs to accomplish.

    You can contact any service dog provider & ask if they have an internship or way of learning about the training of these dogs.

  • Justin Patient

    Part of your curriculum at dog training school will dive into service dog training. After that you can get a masters or advanced certification that will focus more on that.

    You don’t NEED any formal education but I’m not sure who will hire you or want your trained dogs without it.

  • It’s a degreed program in my area. Where are you?

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