How many hours a day should my puppy sleep?

I recently adopted a puppy from a local rescue. She is around 7 or 8 weeks old.
How many hours a day should she sleep?

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  • Coming from somebody who owns a puppy, I have no clue why people are saying they sleep A LOT 😐 because it’s really not, I wish my puppy would sleep all the time.. Seriously.

    I’m up until 2AM with him sometimes, and then he wakes me up at about 7-9 wanting his breakfast, he will then stay awake and continue to play up until 2PM sometimes, then he will sleep for a maximum of like 2 hours IF i’m lucky.

    He will then be awake until 8PM at night, and sometimes decide to sleep around 11PM and then wake up just in time to keep me awake ALL night long.

    They don’t sleep that much honestly. My puppy doesn’t anyway, he’s very active.

  • About 22 hours a day. Seriously.

  • most of the day.
    then a couple hours of play time

  • 15 or sodepending how much you play with it!—they sleep alot! until about 6 months…it is all eat…poop…sleep!!!! enjoy it!

  • doggielover201074

    Puppies sleep a lot. They normally sleep more then they are awake.She will probably sleep more then 12 hours a day.

  • Puppies sleep a lot. Same as human babies. Leave it at will. When she wants to sleep, leave. When you want to play, leave. Gradually change the behaviors themselves. She knows what her little body asks.
    Take care that it does not change day and night, unless a dog to guard. It is advisable to sleep during the day to keep awake at night.
    Congratulations on adopting this dog, who might not have nobody to look after her.
    Good luck, cheers, hugs, Tila.

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