How much do you feed a young shitzu puppy?

I might buy a shitzu puppy on Monday and I need to know should I feed it once a day or twice a day? I am planning on giving it puppy dry food and it has to be a grain free one I don’t want to give it unhealthy puppy food.

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  • Melanie Zhong

    It depends on exactly how old your puppy is. We fed our dog four times a day, gradually changing it to two times a day. Just fill up the bottom of the bowl and she should be fine. Dry food may be a little bit hard on her teeth right now, so soak it in a bit of warm water for now.

  • Kairo

    usually it is 2 times a day, but depends on a puppy

  • Beverly

    You should feed your puppy several small meals a day. Their digestive system is usually not fully developed and with only one or two meals a day you could have a puppy who will be sleeping more than usual,very droopy and dull. If this happens a trip to your vet will be in store for her. Find yourself a good puppy rearing book or do some studies on the internet. Good Luck!

  • Our Shih Tzu puppy has been fed twice per day. Early on, we only fed her dry formula powder mixed with water in the morning. Later, that was not enough for her and we went to dry puppy chow. (Iams).

    She is very healthy, smart as she can be.

  • poggle

    Carry on with the breeders regime for the first 2 weeks, use the same food and feed at the same times. It will be at least 2 meals a day.

    Then gradually start adding the new food, take 2 weeks to switch over.

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