How much does it usually cost to get your dog trained by a professional?

I need to get my 4 month old puppy trained, he bites and barks at unnecessary things and I don’t have enough time on my hands to train him myself. I would like a professional who knows what they are doing and is safe with my dog. I just want to know how much it usually is and is it even worth it?

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  • 4Her4Life

    It will cost you less (in time and money) to find a local AKC-affliated obedience club (Petsmart and similar classes are a joke and generally cause more harm than good) and sign up for a 6-10 week class. Classes usually meet for one hour one night a week or on Saturday morning (skip his normal walk that day if it is the only way to make the time). The point of the training is not only to train the dog, but mostly to train YOU – you need to know how to communicate with your dog so that you can be consistent, fair, clear, and humane to maintain and extend his training.

    After a basic class, my dogs generally get a 5-minute obedience drill before they eat their breakfast/dinner and it is plenty to keep them in good shape. Once you know how to train, there are very few limits on what you will be able to teach your dog on your own – the investment is well-worth it! These classes run from $150 at an obedience club (non-profit and highest quality training) to $300 with a professional trainer.

    A professional trainer actually teaching your dog will probably mean the dog living in their kennel for 1-2 months to the tune of $500-1000+ per month and then require you to spend most of a day if not several days learning the commands that the pup has learned and how to give an enforce them – you will not actually know how to do any of the training yourself if he should regress, and will not know how to teach him anything new.

  • ladystang

    $110 for 6 weeks at petsmart but they train you how to train dog
    depends on how much work you put into it
    professional up to $50k

  • anacrostic

    It won’t do you much good to have a trained dog that only works with the trainer. You have to know the hand and verbal signals as well as the proper corrections (not many). I would suggest that if you don’t really have the time to work with your dog that he should be rehomed.

  • PDizzle

    If you don’t have enough time to train your puppy yourself (only 15 minute sessions a couple of times a day) then you without a doubt do not have enough time for a puppy at all. How are you supposed to socialize and properly care for a puppy if you don’t even have 15 minutes?

  • bluebonnetgranny

    He is just a puppy, You don’t need a trainer, you can do it all yourself. First off , all puppies bite. They have to be taught that it is not ok to bite.

    ‘stop puppy biting’

    If you don’t have time to train him. you don’t have time to own him. If you care about him, you will find the time for him. You would have to find someone who will train your dog in your home. in order to train the dog properly the trainer would have to be a live-in trainer. But that is not right either, the dog will love the trainer more than you cause the trainer spends more time with the dog than you.

    If you do not have the time for your dog, find it another home.

  • Kathyd

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