How much does Petsmart puppy training cost?

I have a 2 1/2 month old German Shepard puppy and i was wondering how much petsmart charges for puppy training classes. for location my closest one is Humble Texas. I was going to call but i said: Hey why not ask here? Thank-You!!!

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  • Goat ♥ SBTs

    The cost for Petsmart is $109 for an 8 week course. If you want private one-on-one lessons, the cost is higher… but I forget the exact amount. If you’re an employee… it’s free. 😉

    He’s just the right age to start too! Puppies must be between 10 weeks and 5 months to enter the puppy training classes.

    The trainers are NOT dimwits, the trainers at my store are all CPDT (Certified Pet Dog Trainers). I’m not sure if it’s a requirement to be hired for the position, but ALL trainers have to undergo training to BE trainers and are accredited by PetSmart. If they’re not good enough, they get the boot. The owners of the dogs seem very pleased with our trainers. I have yet to hear a complaint and when I watch the pups, its OBVIOUS that they’re learning and the trainers know what they’re doing.

  • Anonymous

    I think calling would be your best option, awh how cute I love the GSD breed

  • Bells :

    Hey…why not call? Different locations have different prices… in the world would we know?

    In my humble opinion….WAY TOO MUCH…considering the fact that the trainers are mostly DIMWITS

  • depending on which class you want him on:
    check here

  • The best training course I have come across is the online trainer Doggy Dan .He is from New Zealand and is a professional dog trainer and Behaviourist. he has a series of trainig videos online which means you can pick a time that suits you .You can also sign up for a $1 trial to test it out .
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