How old should your dog be before it can get pregnant?

Do you know at what age your dog can get pregnant? Taking a dog for a pet is a big responsibility – much much more than the task of providing the pet with food. Dogs have been the companion of man for ages. Dogs have protected and have helped man in a lot of capacities. Knowing the age when the dog can get pregnant is one of the responsibilities of the dog owner to ensure the well being of the pet.

Even non-dog lovers will surely be attracted by adorable puppies. Puppies will be a source of endless fun for the family more so if there are kids as dogs are known to form a strong attachment with the children. A lot of dog owners would eagerly anticipate the puppies of the pet. Due to financial, time or space constraints, dog owners would not want to be saddled with the responsibility of caring for additional dogs.

If no one would want to care for the puppies the wee things will simply be abandoned. These “surplus” dogs commonly have a tragic end as most are put to sleep. To control the number of homeless dogs, a pet owner has to know the reproductive cycle of the dog. Do not forget to read up on how you can tell if your dog is pregnant.

Dogs not only have different personalities as the reproductive cycle of our canine friend also differs from breed to breed. A lot of dogs would reach social maturity at an advance age as the puppy-like exuberance will be retained even if the dog matures. Sexual maturity of dogs differs from dog to dog but smaller breeds gain sexual maturity much earlier than larger breeds. Toy breed owners should be aware that the very small pet can get pregnant even after staying for 6 months with the family as small breeds generally come into heat at 4 to 6 months of age. Large breeds of dogs on the other hand generally come into heat at a much later age. A Great Dane or a Saint Bernard would exhibit flagging and would be ready to be mated at 18 to 24 months of age. Dogs in heat can get pregnant when mated.

Small breed come into heat at an early age but breeding is not recommended if the dog has not yet passed the 2nd or 3rd heat cycle. Small breed mature sexually at an early age but their bodies are still developing. A very young dog that is not yet ready to get pregnant can lose the puppies or worst can lose its life.

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