How to socialize my puppy dog?

By socialize i mean making him more comfortable to lots of stuff in this world,like cars,unusual sounds,other dogs,kids,men tall,small etc..

She’s 2 months now and i can’t get her out on a walk until 3 month said the veterinarian..because they must make another injection before she’s OK for a walk.

Then a friend came and told me that u can socialize ur dog up until 3 months! Hes a dog trainer. How am i supposed to do that if i cant get her out of the house?

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  • You can take her out of the house, you just have to be careful about where. Dont take her to places where there may be other dogs that have not been vaccinated. You can take her to the pet store, just hold her. The people, smells, look will all be new. Walk her around in store parking lots. Take her on car rides. Play out in the yard with her. If you have friends or family with dogs that are vaccinated, you can take her to visit them. You can even take her to meet your friends and family. You could vacuum the house to get her used to that noise. Be noisy around the house so that she isn’t affraid of loud noises. Right now everything is new and considered socializing.

  • Pupanddog

    Start with socializing your puppy and even leash training, crate training, and other behaviors while your puppy is confined inside the house. Some links to help you. Best wishes.

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