How to stop puppy from peeing on the floor?

I know someone with a four month old puppy that keeps peeing on the floor. They have doggy pee pads, special spray to spray on the pads, they have tried scolding the puppy when he pees on the floor, but nothing works. Any suggestions?

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  • **Rachel**

    After the puppy eats wait 10-15 mins then go outside and stand in the same spot with puppy on a 6 foot leash and let him pee anywhere in the 6 foot radius but dont move from your spot. if you do this for a long enough time that should be the only place the dog will want to go to the bathroom. also, with some puppies like pomeranians, and probably most other breeds, the general rule is for every month of age that is 1 hour the puppy can hold its bladder. ex: 1 month old puppy can hold its bladder for 1 hour, a 4 month old can hold for 4 hours, etc. I think the rule stops when the puppy becomes a year old, but it should be on the website in the sources. Hope it Helps! GOOD LUCK!

  • Watch the dog every single minute. If he starts to make a mistake, pick him up and take him outside. Wait for him to go, then praise. Don’t put him outside alone. Don’t play with him outside until he has done his business. Take him out even if he isn’t eliminating, just to give him the chance to go outside and get it right.

    Get rid of the pads unless they WANT their dog to get the idea that going inside is OK.

    Make sure to clean up super well so there are no lingering odors that will attract him to the spot.

  • GioDaKiller

    food schedual and potty schedual but keep at it it will work wonders but really my dog when she was an inside dog she will scrath the door to go potty.


    GET THE POTTY PATCH!! It is for inside dogs who have that problem. Here’s the link!

  • Joannie

    First step:pee-pee pads there at Pet Smart if your dog attends to keep ignoring the pad then punish him to his kennel or cage until he is usto the pee-pee pad and uses it till he is ready!
    Second step:keep him in the cage and LET him\her HOLD IT!
    third step:dose’nt like neither then take him out take some treats with you outside when you take him potty so when he does pee-pee or poo-poo you give him a piece of a treat.
    neutering doesent meen NOTHING!
    if he pee-pees or poo-poos around the house take him to the spot and punish him!
    After you punish him also in Pet Smart is a powder a pwder so the odor of Pee-pee won’t attract him.
    Also in Pet Smart is a special spray (smells like Pee-pee) the odor of the spray will easily atrract the canine to the pad.
    Hope i helped,good Luck!:)

  • AwesomeGILLS!

    Well if it does pee in the house grab it by the collar and make it look at what it’s done and tell it no…if it does it again reapet and later it will learn to hold it and walk over to the door…make sure you tell it that the potty is outside so it doesnt think its in the house…give it a goodie if it does a good job by not peeing in the house!! Glad i can help!!

  • Leah K

    first see where the puppy is peeing. Make sure if its carpet to clean it up as soon as possible so it doesnt leave a smell to draw the dog back there after you have trained it. Put a puppy pad on the ground there. After a while the puppy should get use to peeing on the mat put the mat next to the back door or close to the exit where you can easily see when he is about to pee. if you see him about to go open the door and either wait for him to go out or just set him out there. Over time the puppy should get use to it.
    If you to keep your puppy inside you can buy grass pads. They look like grass but there is a panel under neath that keeps anything from touching the floor.

  • Look up proper potty training techniques. Firstly, they need to take the pup outside on a leash to a designated potty spot in the yard regularly (so the area will smell like him, there-for encouraging him to go do more business there) – after eating, sleeping, playing, ect. And tell the puppy how good it is for going outside. Unless they actually catch puppy peeing inside, don’t bother scolding it, a puppy doesn’t link the scolding with the fact that it peed in the house 10 minuets ago. You can actually "reverse potty train" by doing this, and the puppy will learn to be afraid and hide when he wants to pee. Not what you want! If they do catch puppy in the act, try startling it with a firm NO and scoop him up to go outside to finish. A puppy always needs to be supervised, and when they aren’t able to, he should be contained in a crate.

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