how to stop your dog from attacking other dogs?

i have a male english bull terrier cross american pit bull and he is always trying to attack other male dogs, if other dog barks to him or to me he reacts very aggressive, and if he isn’t wearing a leash he runs to a male dog to bite him, the last time he got in a fight it ended very bad for the other dog. And every time he gets close to a female dog he always tries to mount them.
He isnt neutered.
I take my dog to walk 3 or 4 hours every day, he is good with female dogs but every time he sees another male dog he tries to bite him. He is also really good with people and children.
I have already paid 2 dog trainers but they didn’t help me with this problem. Im really worry about him, he could kill a dog some day :S, please help me with an advise, any video or any kind of help.
He is 17 months old.
Thank you
i dont know why people is accusing me of "ruining" my dog or the breed, please read everything i wrote, im asking for advise to help my dog to not be aggresive, he is my dog and i love him, i want the best for him that´s why im worried about him, if dont have any advise to help then dont write crap about me.

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  • ☆ VM Benitez ☆

    Usually I would suggest finding a good dog club and signing up for an appropriate class to learn how to train and discipline him, as dog aggression though a strong natural instinct in some dogs, can be reliably controlled, so it does not pick fights with other male dogs or show dominant behavior over other dogs with posturing.

    In this instance one-two-one training would be money well spent, as you need to be seen as a level-head, firm, fair, confident person whose lead the dog will follow in any situation, with authority over him he respects to lay down the law and trusts you to have his back.

    You have come across two dog trainers that lacked the experience/ability to teach owners how to control an intensely strong and exciting instinct to fight other male dogs and communicate what they want from a dog in a way it understands, getting the timing of corrections exactly right, so the dog connects its action with a consequence it does not like.

    My male dog has mid-range strength same sex aggression with male dogs and though it is still simmering away under the surface, he has been trained to know his best interest lies in doing what I want and while he is aware of other male dogs, does not react with dominant natured posturing or aggressive behavior.

    I can take him anywhere and know he is under my control and will ignore male dogs, unless they charge over from a blind spot so I do not see them coming and are in his face aggressive, in which case he will not stand there and take it or show submission. My job to step in front of him and send the dog away or stop it from reaching him until the owner arrives to prevent the situation from escalating.

  • not much you can do, i had a pitbull like that he would attack every dog he saw, except our dogs he lived with…. and loved people n kids… i think it’s a flawed genetic.

  • Get him fixed asap for one thing. See if there are any local petsmarts or petco near you and get him in some training classes if that is something you can afford. If he feels comfortable attacking other animals, then you are not dominate over him. You need to train him again that you are in charge. But with an already adult dog that is aggressive, its best to get help with training. Call a nearby animal shelter and see if maybe they have training classes as well

    At Clockwork down there, I have worked in an animal shelter rehabilitating pitbulls for 15 years. Aggressive dogs absolutely can be trained to not be aggressive. We have trained dogs used for fighting with success. Dogs are aggressive out of fear. When a dog attacks another dog, it is telling that dog that it is the boss. An owner has to teach the dog that he, the owner is the boss, not the dog. Please stop spreading things that aren’t true. Pit bulls have been around people and children for years. Petey from the Little Rascals was a pit bull even.

  • If he’s 17 months old, he should be neutered. It should temper some of his issues with other male dogs, and hopefully curb at least some of the urge to mount females.

    Other than that, find a trainer who specializes in dog aggression. Not just general obedience.

    Until he’s not dog aggressive, muzzle him when he’s out of the house. It will prevent him from doing much damage and will prevent you from having to pay other dog’s vet bills when he mauls them.

  • nothing you can do will ever stop the dog from trying to kill other dogs

    Its a pit bull, They are programed to kill other animals. They were BREED to kill other animals, they were never, ever called the nanny dog.

    You can’t train out dog aggression. Get a basket muzzle and a good front clip harness and keep it away from other dogs as much as possible. no amount of socialization or training can make a dog programed by genetics not want to kill another dog or small animal

  • keep him on a leash with a muzzle, genius !!! but thank you, cuz it is owners like yourself that help push through more bsl …

  • †Sid Not Vicious†

    It’s people like you who are ruining this breed. You can not do a damn thing to stop this aggression, it’s genetic and will always be there. The breed was developed and refined for dog aggression. Rehome him since you know nothing about the breed.

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