How to Teach Your Dog to Greet People Without Jumping


Teaching your dog how to properly greet people, or “say hi” to them, is a vital part of training.


If your dog is a jumper, teaching proper people greetings can help to curb this problem. It is vital that your dog can see people without jumping or getting overly excited.Unusual Trick - 300 x 250


The easiest way to teach your dog how to greet people is by having your dog on a leash the entire time they will be “saying hi” to a person.


Tell the person before you do this exercise what you are doing and what you expect from both them and the dog.


If the person cannot follow your directions do not allow the person to greet your dog. By using a phrase such as “say hi nice” you tell your dog what behavior is expected and you also make the person a little more aware of your expectations of your dog.

Have your dog “sit” or “down” and give him the “stay” command.


When he is in the proper position, give your dog the “say hi nice” command. Make sure that your dog is still seated or lying down before the person is allowed to pet him. If he moves, have the person back away and put your dog back into the correct position.


Tell him again to “say hi nice” and have the person approach again. Do not let the person pet your dog until he can remain seated (or lying down). This will help teach your dog that the only way he will receive attention from the other person is if he is in the position that you require from him.


Make sure to do this with every person your dog is introduced to, even people he already knows to ensure that your dog will not jump on people.


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