How to train puppy to ignore other dogs on the street?

My puppy who is now 8 months old, gets overly excited when seeing other dogs on the street. When she sees them, she usually sits down and waits for them or lays down. I guess laying down is a submissive position, but it’s not the best thing to be doing in the middle of a street. She doesn’t do it to all dogs, for example strays she won’t approach at all. It’s basically impossible to keep her moving once she spots a dog she likes, and since she’s large I can’t just pick her up. I understand that she’s a puppy and is playful but I feel like i’m taming a lion when this happens. She jumps all over the place. She’s good with the basic commands like sit, down, no etc. but they don’t work when another dog comes along wagging his tail. I obviously correct her with the leash, try to get her up and moving and even switch sidewalks but she wants to commit suicide by choking herself wanting to run over the street. I try to socialize her with friendly dogs as much as possible and train her daily. Her former dog trainer said it’s normal and I shouldn’t be worried about it cause she will grow out of it. But its kind of embarrassing when I try to restrain my puppy as if she was a lion. I know she only wants to play but will she grow out of this or how should i go about this? Thank you.
@✪Pιт✪ Gσ∂∂єѕѕ ~ Reality Bitez™: The slip on collar basically saved my life with my puppy, I swear she must have some pitbull in her ancestry. I had a dog trainer show me how to use it for correction properly too and it works for everything, except for dogs she likes. She gets a lot of exercise daily, or I wouldn’t be able to manage her at all. Maybe I’ll up it a little bit to see if she gets better.

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  • ✪Pιт✪ Gσ∂∂єѕѕ ~ Reality Bitez™

    At 8 months of age, it’s completely normal for this puppy to be hyper-active and highly social. She’s a young, boisterous puppy and she wants to meet anything and anyone who will possible give her attention and present her with an opportunity to play.

    Exercise, more of it, would help burn out some of that excess ENERGY she has pent up, and put her in a more stable mood. Dogs who aren’t exercise regularly often tend to be more energetic, hyperactive, pent up and prone to destructive behavior. Get her out more, for some really tiring exercise and this should help mellow her mood, but remember, she’s 8 months of age, 2 walks around the block will hardly tire her out. … … …

    Also, as well as correcting her on leash, training tools would come in handy as well. Choke Chains and Prong Collars are amazingly effective training tools when used correctly and are a God Send for dog owners with larger dogs, that are harder/more powerful to control. Invest in one of these tools, research how to use them properly and you should see drastic improvement. Choke Chains and Prong Collars work by causing discomfort when the dog pulls, this teaches the dog that pulling is negative and most dogs who pull are less likely to do so when they feel the prongs or tighting of the choke chain. I own a Pit Bull who I’d never be able to manage or walk without at least a choke chain.

  • You should take an obedience class – this is exactly the things you will both learn –

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