I need help finding a large dog bed for my dog…if you have a large dog, what kind of bed does your dog have?

I need a big dog bed for my standard poodle to sleep on, but I can not find any that are very large. She hogs my bed all the time, so it’s time for her to sleep on her own bed. She has very long legs, and sleeps with them as stretched out as possible. If you have any suggestions, that would be great. Thanks!!

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  • Fetch!

    ~ Having a few large breeds ( 2 Danes and 2 Standard Poodles) we found the best "dog bed" was to use a basic futon mattress. We bought a black futon for $80.00 (cheaper then some of those dog beds) and laid it out. They love it and it unzips so you can wash it. Best $80.00 we spent. Dog beds don’t work for the big guys and they like to be off the ground a bit too.

  • Alecia S

    i got mine from farm and fleet

  • ♥Golden gal♥

    Try this site! They have very good large and ex-large dog beds!

    Here’s another place too:

  • yellowlabsmom

    I use a crib mattress from our old crib and cover it in fleece (I use duct tape on the bottom to hold it – you have to use a lot) . I have labs and they both sleep on the bed I made for them. Plus it you can replace the fleece when it gets nasty and match to your house.

  • prancer3869

    how about buying a twin size mattress or futon cushion

  • EloraDanan

    My dog is Mastiff/Shepherd she weighs 115 – I bought a dog bed at Costco too. There are nice, they can be washed and I have 3 of them. They are about $25.00

  • Doxie'sRock

    Pets at Home (UK) do HUGE ones!! On the bottom shelf.
    Some are beds with "walls" and fleece lined, and some are just huge cushions, but they are great.

  • bcuzukillmewelll

    Go to Petco
    they have tonss,.
    sorta expensive like about 80$
    For a large dog.

  • poodle mom

    I use a baby mattress. They don’t cost that much and are the perfect size. You can even buy baby mattress sheets to make it easy to clean.

  • Greatma Nancy

    I use a rug about 3 ft by 5 ft. I wash it every week . My daughter uses and mexican blanket spread out. They don’t really care for the fluff.Sometimes they get a throw pillow down with it.

  • sunnybunne

    Go to a foam and rubber store and get some foam. some will cover it for you. or just lay some Hessian over it (or sew a cover if your handy with that.) than what we did for our Dane cross mastiff.
    if you get the cheap ones you have to replace them when they break down and stop being cushie. which we did for a while
    then we were in there. One time he had some off cuts of a good quality more substantial foam. and we got it for cheap because it was an off cut.
    then with a Stanly or kitchen knife cut it to size at home and put to on top of each other sewed some Hessian over it, and she has the comfiest bed ever. its lasting much longer than the cheaper foams

    Happy hunting

  • Thea Justine B

    a mattress of her own.

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