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Outdoor dog houses are often quite simple buildings, but must be rugged and able to withstand all kinds of weather.  Most people also want their dog houses to reflect the respect and affection which they have for their pets, so the building should look good and be a healthy place for its occupant as well.

If you are going to make the kennel yourself, you will need a good set of dog house plans to ensure you turn out a professional result.  Let’s start by looking at the main design features of a good dog house plan.

The primary consideration must be protection from the weather, mainly wind and rain but also shelter from a hot sun.  All joins and seams must be thoroughly sealed, and there needs to be adequate insulation from both heat and cold.  Perhaps provide shade above the doorway (dogs often like to doze just outside their house).  Make sure the kennel floor is clear of the ground, to keep damp away from the inside and to stop the wood rotting.

Proper ventilation is very important.  Dogs can overheat easily, so they must have adequate ventilation in their house during hot periods.  Also in cold weather conditions their breath can produce condensation and damp unless the kennel has good ventilation.  This is great for mould, not so great for dogs.  Build in some vents to give a good airflow for your dog.

Avoid chemically or pressure treated wood when making dog houses, it is dangerous for animals that might make contact with it.

Remember that you will need access for cleaning out the dog house from time to time.  Maybe have a hinged back wall or roof panel.

The last point is the size of the kennel – it has to be just right for your dog.  There must be room for the dog to enter, turn around and lie down comfortably.  Do not make the house too large, because dogs need to snuggle down in cold weather and use their body heat to keep warm.  If the kennel is too large the dog will not be able to do this.

Making a good, sound dog house should cost you no more than about a hundred dollars and take you perhaps a day or so to do. Although a basic doghouse is simply four walls, a roof and a floor, you will most likely want to see a range of designs to get ideas for a more professional model.

We have such a range in our recommended 10 Best Dog House Plans.  Here you will find a good selection of designs to choose from, as well as clear plans and detailed materials lists.  There are lots of helpful drawings and diagrams to show how to make any obscure parts, in case you are a beginner at this. The dog house plans are surprisingly cheap, and come with a good full-refund guarantee, which we demand for any product we recommend.

We hope this has shown you what is required for making a good doghouse.  You can design and build one very easily, very quickly and very cheaply using the best dog house plans.  You can also make a really professional standard house for your favorite dog.  Why not make one this weekend?

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