If a puppy is raised by French speaking people will it not understand English commands?

I am thinking of getting this puppy. The breeder is French but can speak English.

The puppy is 10 weeks old. Will she be confused when I give her commands such as when house-training etc…

I know this is kind of a weird question but I just want the puppy to be comfortable here.

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  • walking lady

    The puppy’s only 10 weeks old – it isn’t housetrained! Just speak English to it, this puppy’s much too young to have had time to learn French. Puppy’s are very adaptable, don’t worry, she’ll be just fine.

  • KaylleeS

    puppies learn by repetition and the sound and pitch of your voice… the puppy will catch on quickly

  • Feisty

    LOL — just learn the French ones! Think of the attention you’ll attract! Seriously, yes, the dog will "speak" French! However, it will also "learn" English after a while. If it’s well trained, it will know hand signals.

  • You are going to have to start from square one. She could have been speaking Martian, it doesn’t matter. The puppy is way too young to be set in one set of commands.

  • julie d

    The puppy is only 10 weeks old. Even if the pup is with French speaking people, it will learn English quite quickly. I would not worry about this transition. It will be a very easy one. If the dog were 5 years old, that would be a whole different story.

  • Elysia S

    The pup will learn whatever YOU teach them. But here’s an odd thought for ya-teaching a puppy in a different language would make it more difficult for other people to give it commands! I know some owners teach unique, odd commands so that not just any ole one can tell their dog what to do… 😉
    Best luck!

  • Katherine T

    I don’t think so. But, with a little bit of more use with the English commands and since the dog is young, it should be able to learn your commands pretty quickly.

  • happypappy

    at ten weeks i doubt if it know much french. either you can learn french or just teach it in english.
    my papillon met a french guy that was talking french to her and she acted like he was her best friend. but that’s the way she acts with anyone that talks to her.

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