Is lancaster puppies a puppy mill?

Ive been to and seen some of their puppies. Im not sure if i should trust them. Is it a puppy mill. If it is infact a puppy mill is there any websites that i can use to find a good breeder.

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  • Chris

    The puppies on this web site are absolutely from puppy mills. No reputable breeder will breed the mixes that are shown here. I know people who have bought from this site and the puppies have genetic abnormalities and are sick. Don’t be fooled that the Amish aren’t technology savvy. They either use middlemen or have INternet access in their outbuildings. DON’T BUY FROM THIS SITE, PLEASE!!!!

  • Olivia

    Did you not read it? It says: is an Internet Classified site- we do not raise or sell puppies. Remember that you are buying directly from the breeder/seller and not from

  • Archie

    They are not a puppymill nor do they breed puppies themselves- they’re ‘brokers’, a middle man who sells puppies for breeders. Yes, the breeders who sell puppies through them are very likely puppymills- that area is known for them, and no decent breeder would allow someone else to sell their pups to an unknown party. They don’t ‘screen’ buyers at all,whoever has the $ can buy the puppy- another BAD sign about the quality of breeders selling dogs through them.

    To find a GOOD breeder, google to find your breed of interest’s breed club, look at their website or contact them for a list of ethical breeders. to find a breed rescue near you- a good rescue is happy to pass on the names of good ethical breeders who deal in their breed.

    Lancaster puppies will bring you nothing but heartache,and you would be supporting the horror of puppymills- skip it.

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