The Link between Exercise and Training

Dogs need proper exercise. Making sure you burn off excess energy can greatly impact the way your pet responds to your training efforts.

Here are a variety of ways for dogs to get the exercise they need. Utilize these ideas to get your dog in shape and be able to train a calm, relaxed animal.

1. What kind of exercise is good for a dog?

Swimming is always at the top of the list for exercise for your dog and just like for humans you don’t have the impact problem on joints. So if you have a pool or live close to a lake or river get that dog in the water for some really good exercise.

If you aren’t close to a good swimming hole then you can always go for a nice long walk or even use a treadmill for areas that have really hot, cold or wet climates.

2. When are the best times to exercise a dog?

I think the answer there is, what is your weather like and when are you going to train? If it is summer you will want to walk early or late so that it isn’t too hot for you or your dog. During the winter when things are cold going for your walks during the middle of the day when you can get the warmest hours or the best.

3. Does a dog need a specific amount of exercise for training?

Exercising your dog prior to a training session can be as simple as a walk around the neighborhood or a few minutes of retrieving the ball in the backyard. You will be able to figure out how long is the right amount without completely exhausting your pet.

4. Does play count as exercise?

Sure, retrieving a ball, catching a Frisbee, or any other fun activity can be a great method to exercise your dog.

5. How long should training sessions be after exercising?

Training sessions are always best when limited to about 15 minutes. Keep in mind one very important thought. Make sure that your current training session makes you dog just a little bit better at obedience than the last session.

6. Does the trainer need to be the exerciser also?

Absolutely not. If one of the kids wants to do the long walk for you, then just give them a big thanks. That will keep you fresh for the hard part, the actual training.

If you will take a few minutes to exercise your dog using some of these tips before your training session, I think you will find that it is will be much better for you and mans best friend as well.

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