Opinion on puppy mill puppies?

What is your opinion on buying dogs from pet stores? Most dogs from pet stores come from puppy mills. Also, is it bad to buy a puppy from a puppy mill? Yes, you are helpig them out by buying a puppy there, but you are also taking a puppy from there, and can no longer suffer. I don’t know about all puppy mills, but the puppy mills I have heard of, neglect their animals.

I have six dogs. Three are rescued. One of them was rescued from a puppy mill. What is the difference between a puppy mill dog, and a dog from the pound?

I know the pound and puppy mills are VERY different. Puppy mills are WAY worse. But, I am talking about the dogs themselves.

Please no smart comments. I am not ignorant. I just want to know peoples opinions.

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  • barbamatt

    Both of my dogs came from the pound…I wanted to rescue a dog and ended up with two..but that is enough for me and all that I can handle right now.

    I wouldn’t buy from a puppy mill. First don’t confuse puppy mills with responsible breeders…way different. There are people who genuinely want to preserve breed standards and raise and show dogs of a certain breed…and that is ok.

    Back yard breeders may be ignorant and not the best source for dogs…but even they are better than puppy mills. A back yard breeder may be a dog enthusiast who for some reason or another takes on a big responsibility. You take a chance on the quality of dog with that….some are better than others. Some back yard breeders take good care of the dogs and just want to experience it. I have mixed feelings about it and am not down on everyone who tries.

    But Puppy mills are the worst….they are people who deliberately breed dogs for the sole purpose of making money. They will over breed females until it about kills them. They aren’t looking for genetic problems. They don’t care about the health of the dogs….any money they spend on the dogs is very minimum because they use the dogs as a source for income….it is all around bad. They should be arrested for animal cruelty and they should be shut down when ever found.

    Now about the pound….dogs end up at pounds for all kinds of reasons. One of my good friends had to take her beloved chauaua to a pound because she was in the military and had to deploy to Iraq. She was recently divorced and nobody would take the pet…I would have but I am more than 1000 miles from her….so it was sad but she had to find him a new home.

    Other dogs are abandoned or lost. Some dogs run away. Some are unwanted litters because an owner won’t spay or neuter. Some owners get sick or die and no one can take care of the animal.

    Others are neglected or abused. Some come from puppy mills.

    So with the pound you just don’t know what you are going to get. You are taking on a big responsibility in rescuing a dog from the pound…but it is so worthwhile because the dogs are a joy…you just have to know how to deal with doggy issues.

    If you rescue from a shelter or pound that saved dogs from a puppy mill that would be a good thing. You know that you aren’t supporting the dogs owner….but you are supporting the dogs themselves.

    Do what you will…but be aware of some of the differences. Your heart might be in the right place…but you also have to have your head there too.

    Of course any dogs you get from where ever will love you as long as you are good to him/her…Just try to make the best choice for the dog.

  • Analy

    they realy the same just one was neglected the other was not

  • BYBs kill dogs and puppies

    Would never buy a dog from a pet store would not even go into a pet store or walk past one that sold dogs

    Yes its bad to buy one your vet will become your best friend if you do and your just supporting them doing what they do if you did

    Puppy mills breed dogs pounds do not !

  • Giggles

    The reason it is bad to buy from the pet store is that they are buying from the puppy mill who is going to create more dogs to suffer so the pet store can purchase another to replace the one you just bought. If no one bought from pet stores, the puppy mills would stop since there would be no one to sell to.

    Getting a dog from the pound is taking out the money equation, and therefore the reason for creating more sadness. The puppies themselves may or may not be ok, but a store that wants to make money will be more willing to try to hide any problems the puppies might have, whereas the pound isn’t trying to cover up problems. The rescue shelters I have seen are actually very forthcoming with any problems the pets have so they can be sure the right owner get it, one that is not going to dump it back off.

  • My opinion on puppy mills? Never buy a puppy from one. PLain and simple. Always thinkn adoption first

  • Becca

    Puppy mills breed dogs that end up in pounds. Pet Stores sell dogs that take the homes of other suitable animals just to make a buck. In my opinion, it is terrible. I had a looooog discussion about how buying a dog is stupid and cruel whereas adopting one is better for society with my friend.
    Despite the fact that puppy mills are run to make a pretty penny, they are plagued with dogs that should not be bred in the first place and then there is inbreeding. This causes many problems for the dog in the long run, such as genetic disorders and illnesses.
    Don’t think that pounds are all that great too. Yes they are trying to do a good job taking care of these animals and provided shelter and treatment for them but many are underfunded so dogs from shelters can be at risk of the same illnesses.
    Additionally, where do you think all those pet store pups go once they get to big to be "cute" and the pet store won’t have anything to do with them?.. They go to the pound.

    So both dogs can be the same. Puppy mill dogs are more likely to have something wrong with them in a health perspective, but then again they might not. The pound dog is that puppy mill dog… just older.

  • nova_queen_28

    I would never buy from a pet store, nor would I shop in a pet store that sells puppies. It is only through eduction of the public and people stopping buying these dogs that there is any chance of the horribly cruel practice being ended.
    And I do totally understand your logic about buying one to get them out of the puppy mill, but unfortunately, that gets the puppy mill owners to thinking they can breed more and somebody else will come along and buy them — which defeats the purpose.

    I wouldn’t think twice about adopting a dog that was rescued from a puppy mill — they do deserve to live a good life being loved & pampered.

    Puppy mills need to be shut down and the only way to do that is to get pet stores to stop carrying their dogs.

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