Paper Training A Puppy

Here are some basic guidelines for paper training a puppy:

1. Place several sheets of newspaper in a place that is not close to his or her feeding and water dishes.

The puppy’s digestive system works quickly so as soon as he eats take him to the newspaper. Also the puppy will want to go first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Get into the habit of taking him to the newspaper at these times so that it becomes a routine.

If you keep your puppy in a crate take him to the paper when he comes out and also after he chews and plays full blast.

2. When the puppy has used the paper make sure you change them. A good idea is to put a lightly soiled paper under a clean one so that the smell left there will envourage him to go to the toilet on that spot.

3. Make sure that you clean underneath the paper with an odour neutralizer as the smell will be left on the floor and so he will start to sniff around the paper and that is not where you want him to sniff. You want him to sniff on the paper and go to the toilet on the paper and not round it.

4. Ok so all puppies make mistakes do not get to upset he is just like a baby. The best way to stop him going to the toilet off the paper is to startle and distract him. You can do this by a quick clap off your hands. He should stop urinating when you do this . Pick him up and take him to the paper. When he urinates on the paper make a big fuss of how brilliant he is.

Make sure that when you clap you do not scare the living daylights out of the puppy, so do not make it too hectic!

6. When you are cleaning the floor around the paper make sure that you use a product that does not contain ammonia. The urine of a puppy contains ammonia and so all you will be doing will be giving that smell he recognises all over your floor!

7. Try and be consistent in your training. If you alter your response then your puppy will become confused. Also make sure that when he is untrained do not leave him in the house on his own. If you do then you are just asking for trouble and more behaviour problems down the line

9. If you let your puppy have some free reign around the house or apartment then  carry  him to various parts of the house and say Papers and carry him back to the papers.

The most important aspect of paper training is consistency. Use your common sense and make sure that you are meticulous with your cleaning. Remember that mistakes happen and never ever smack   your puppy or rub his nose in it. Train your puppy with positive reward and never use a negative response to train.  With some patience and some effort you will have a puppy going to the paper and you will have managed to get through one of the major challenges of Puppy rearing. …Well done!.

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