Pet express in Massachusetts have puppy mills?

I’ve heard that pet Express has puppy mills is this true? and it really safe 2 get a puppy there?

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  • If it is a pet store then chances are pretty high that they are puppy mill dogs unless they work with a rescue/welfare organization. Many pet stores will tell you that they do not buy their puppies from puppy mills but that is just a stretch of the truth. There are 4 main groups involved in most pet store puppy transactions. They are the puppy mills, the broker, the petstore and the customer (you).

    What happens is this:

    Puppy mill owns the parents of the puppies, puppies are kept in horrible conditions, dogs receive no vet care. The broker, goes to the puppy mill to buy puppies and gets charged Z amount. The pet store then buys the puppies from the broker for Z times 2 amount. The pet store then tells you the customer that they do not buy from puppy mills and charge you Z times 5.

    Since technically the pet store bought from the broker, they can lie to you and not get into trouble.

    Bottom line, look at rescue organizations to get your puppy. Most of them have puppies all the time with even more puppies coming in each day. If you live in the US, is an awesome resource.

  • salinasloans31

    I’ve heard that puppy mills are only responsible for first shots and nuertering And they really don’t check them for and previous sickness…

  • You should NEVER purchase a puppy from a pet store, they all come from puppy mills (no matter what they may try to tell you) no responsible breeder will ever sell their puppies to a pet store.

  • Yes pet express does get their puppies through puppy mills, they also do not take good care of their puppies many of them have ear infections, parasites, and have been inbred. Although many puppies have parasites and ear infections the difference is these puppies do not get treated for them. You should adopt a puppy instead, I live in MA and there is a no kill shelter called the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, MA. They have a lot of puppies and all of the dogs have been signed off by a vet. There are also other shelters in the area like the MSPCA and Animal rescue league.

  • You should never purchase a puppy from a pet store. All puppies in pet stores either come from puppy mills or BYB. Mostly they come from puppy mills.

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