Pierre The Magic Poodle

There’s a new kid in town. Well, a new poodle, anyway. His name is Pierre, and he’s the newest magic poodle in training for the John Measner Magic Show


Animals have been a part of magic since the beginning of humanity and animal-ity. Animals of all kinds have often watched over warlocks, wizards and witches. Sometimes animals get to be part of the magic, whether they are used in incantations or get kissed and turn into handsome princes – but honestly, ladies, how many dogs have you kissed that have done that?


But you’re going to want to kiss cute, little Pierre. The John Measner Magic Show has a long history (over 25 years!) of using toy poodles, and other lovely animals, in the show. Toy poodles have always anchored the performances for the John Measner magic Show There was Collette, Gigi, Monique, and now the first boy, Pierre – did I mention all these poodles were French poodles? You could probably have guessed that by their names, huh?


“It takes a lot of training before my animals can break into the show”, says John Measner of the aptly named John Measner Magic Show. It will be a year, or more, before poodle Pierre is ready to perform to his pedigree and cast his spells over you. Until then poodle Monique is an old pro who leads the animal cast of doves, tigers and various other performing wild life that are part of the JohnMeasnerMagicShow.com

The John Measner Magic Show has been amazing audiences for over twenty years. John says that he enjoys performing magic as much as he did when he first started doing magic years ago.

Magic is enjoying a surge because of recent talent show on television- I have never been as busy. My phone is always ringings and my website has crashed on several occasions because to many people were trying to gain access. This is a great time for magic and a great time for the show.



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