Poop Eating -the cure


While poop eating is certainly one of the less appealing things that dogs do, there are ways to cure your dog of this little habit.


It helps if you know what’s making your dog eat poop.

Is he lacking in nutrients in his dog food?

If so, he may be eating poop to try to get vitamins and minerals that he’s not getting in his own food.

Is your dog anxious, bored or lonely?

Some dogs will eat poop as a behavioral problem.

Do you have a new puppy? Puppies will taste all kinds of things just to see what they are or what they taste like. This behavior probably won’t continue.

If your dog does eat poop on a regular basis you can take some of the following suggestions to overcome the behavior:

1. Take your dog to the vet to see if there is any kind of health problem causing the behavior.


2. Check your dog’s food to see if it’s providing all of the vitamins and minerals that your dog needs.


If the primary ingredient is corn, or if corn is the main source of protein, then your dog may not be able to digest all of the nutrients he needs. Vegetable matter is more difficult for dogs to digest than meat matter. Consider changing your dog’s food to a dog food that has meat protein sources.


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3. Pick up droppings

in your yard as soon as your dog potties so your dog won’t be able to find poop to eat.


4. If your dog still finds poop to eat, consider walking him on a leash so you can control what he does when he goes out.


5. You can use products such as Forbid and MSG or meat tenderizer on your dog’s food which makes his poop taste even worse to him.

Giving your dog pineapple with his food is also said to discourage poop eating.


6. Keep cat litter boxes in the house out of the reach of your dog.

Litter boxes are almost irresistible to dogs so place them where your dog can’t get to them.


7. If your dog eats poop because he’s bored or lonely you should try to spend more time with him.

Spend time playing with him. Increase the amount of exercise he gets. If your dog eats poop because he’s anxious you should work on more socialization for him.


Discover the reasons why your dog may eat poop and you can find the best way to discourage the behavior, whether it’s a nutritional problem or a behavior problem. Keep in mind though that dogs will never understand why humans are so horrified by this behavior. You can teach your dog the “Leave it” command, but your dog will probably think you’re nuts for reacting with horror when he wants to nibble on a tasty tidbit in the backyard or something good he finds in the cat box. This is an area where dogs and humans will have to agree to disagree — as long as the dog stops eating poop.


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