Possesive toy poodle against pomerainian puppy.?

I just got a pom puppy. Well my 11 year old toy poodle has never had to share me with anybody or anything so she is being very aggresive towards puppy do u think that she will hurt puppy or is she just establishing dominacy.

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  • Savvanah


    Congrats on your puppy!

    I got a new puppy a few weeks ago and i have two other cats.
    The puppy really wants to play with them but the cats HATE the puppy.
    The cats want the puppy to leave them alone but she will not, she just wants to play.

    In your case they will not hurt each other. The Toy Poodle will get used to the Pom puppy and they will learn to get along, my puppy and my cats are learning to get along.

    Good luck!

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