puppy crying?

how can i deal with puppy at night? crying for few hour. still i can’t silent puppy. i have to petting puppy whole night. how? please help me.

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  • Mary D

    Unfortunately with a new puppy, you may be up all night. Don’t bring the puppy into bed with you… then the crying problem will only continue and worsen because the pup will learn that it gets what it wants when it cries. Try putting an old-fashioned ticking alarm clock (without the alarm set) next to the puppy. This reminds it of its mother’s heartbeat. Also, reach down, pet it, and say okay go to sleep.

    If things get really bad, grab a sleeping bag and spend the rest of the night on the floor (unless you have a bad back or something).

    Make sure to give the puppy lots of exercise during the days (it’ll have to learn to sleep at night eventually).

    Remember, puppies have to be adorable because sometimes they can be so annoying that only their cuteness saves them.

    Best of luck.

  • technicolourlassie

    i found with all my pups that giving them an article of my own clothing at night helped a great deal.
    they were around me all day, cuddling, playing and their smell rubbed off on me, my smell was also on me and it helped. i put my t’shirt or trousers in the crate with them at night and they would fall asleep curled up on top, it was like they knew i was close with the smell.
    one time i put my smelly old trainers i’d been wearing all day outside the crate with one puppy. She fell asleep with no problem at all, stopped her whining completely.
    sounds strange but it worked for me.
    The worst thing you can dso is to go in and greet your pup when its crying, they will realise that if they make a noise you will come running. If the clothing thing doesn’t work i suggest do not go into the pup the moment the crying starts, persist with it, they will then start to realise that no attention comes from crying and whining.
    hope this helps.

  • meet me on the roof

    You’re going to have to deal with this for a few nights until the pup gets used to being away from it’s family. Think about it- it just speant 7/8 weeks sleeping with mom and it’s siblings- all the sudden it’s on it’s own. Of course it’s going to cry. Put a stuffed animal in there for the puppy or I’ve even heard of people putting a little alarm clock (the older kind that makes the ticking noise) so it doesn’t feel all alone. I’ve used a small kennel for my young puppies and put it on the bed with me for the first week or so-this helped dog get used to it’s "own" place to sleep but it still doesn’t feel all alone.

  • ureshii

    puppys are like that at night when they are in new envionment. before he sleeps you should make it some warm milk(puppy milk), this can calm them down and make them sleep better. then make sure your puppy can see you at night, if it is left alone to sleep, of cos it will cry. put the puppy in a box next to your bed, and make sure the box is warm and cosy. it would have been best if you used a toy and rub some scent of the puppys siblings/ friends smell onto the toy and put it next to his head before he sleeps so that the surrounding smell is familiar and wont create insecurity for him. this really works, my puppy didn give me any problems at night because the pet shop rubbed some smell of my puppys siblings onto a toy for me. if you dont have that, then just place a soft toy into the box to accompany him. and yes a clock next to them will calm them down, as it sounds like their mothers heartbeat. good luck~

  • firefighter_brat_94

    Put them in a kennel with a hot jar of water or a heating pad with some stuffed animals and a blanket or a towel. Then the clocks that tick kinda loud. Helps them transfer from being with there litter mates and parents. Good Luck

  • Have you tried putting a ticking clock in his bed? A hot water bottle. It workd for dog when we first got him as a puppy other then that it just takes time to settle in.

  • rosasalvaje

    put a blanket over the crate so it’s dark in there. also i use to put a dirty shirt of mine that had my scent for some reason it had a calming effect.

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