Puppy food vs. Dog food for puppies.?

If u feed a puppy dog food, will it not grow as well as with puppy food?

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  • Ashleigh8686

    I am not going to say all these people who are answering are totally wrong, but they are close. I am a breeder of boxers. Now here is the thing, it is true you should feed puppies puppy food, the main reason is because puppy’s grow EXTREMELY fast. Puppy food not only supplies the extra vitimins and nutrience BUT most importantly it makes them grow SLOW, which than in turn supplies them with healthier bones and joints. Which is especially important for breeds such as boxers and ANY other large breed dog. A puppy will be fine on Dog food, but will not thrive and develop like it should in the long run.All in all it is safer to feed them puppy food, there is no reason not to seeing that they all cost around the same give or take a dollar or so.

  • ~McFlyingHigher~

    I’ve read in several dog books that feeding a puppy dog food can cause brain and other problems for him later in life because he’s not getting the proper nutrients he needs to develop when he’s young. Definitely go with puppy food!

  • doubleaa.aaron

    DUH!! Puppy food was made for puppies! It’s not like your puppy will die if you feed it dog food, it’s just that puppy food has the right minerals and ingredients to help a puppy grow strong and healthy. Stick with the puppy food.

  • Suitcoat

    feed it puppy food. Puppy food is specially formulated not to harm a puppy’s digestive syste. Growth doesn’t have anything to do with it. If it did, they would sell dog food based on size, not age. They also have dog food for senior dogs.

  • Tina S

    when i got my puppy they him on dog food then i put him on puppy food n yes u can tell the difference.

  • chamae

    No, puppies need puppy food. It is formulated specifically for puppies so they get the nutrients & protein that they need to grow up healthy. Don’t feed a grown dog puppy food either. It has too much calories & fat for a grown dog. Only pregnant & lactating dogs should eat puppy food and that’s only until the pups are weaned off the mom.

  • Briza

    Puppy food has more types of vitamins and nutrition for a growing puppy than regular dogfood. But regular dogfood will suffice.

  • shalakoaussies

    You can feed a high quality adult food if using a good quality food like Blue Buffalo, Canidae, Eagle Pack, Pinnacle, etc.. as these foods are going to exceed the nutrition found in lesser quality puppy food brands.

    Many posters here have a clear lack of understanding of what constitutes appropriate canine nutrition. A label claiming puppy food may in fact be completely inappropriate for most puppies, excessive protein levels can cause rapid growth and growth plate issues.

    I was a vet tech for many years, have taken continued education classes in canine nutrition and breed, show and trial champion and performance titled dogs.

  • Slayer G

    feed it puppy food

  • thoresh

    Puppy food has higher fat content ..

    Feeding adult food when they are classed as a puppy (under 8months) could have negative effects (stunted growth, etc.)

    Don’t listen to the person who said "blue buffalo … is fine".
    They wont get the same amount of fat, in fact foods like blue buffalo are very low in fat and low in protein only (20-22%) where as a standard puppy food is approx 30% protein.

    "SARAH L" is not a Vet Tech. standard puppy foods are fo dogs up to 8-10months… its sad how dumb some people are.

  • Stormy

    Yes puppy food has many more nutrients to make your puppy grow healthier. Especially Large breed puppies they need to grow at a moderate state so that their bones dont grow too quickly which could cause you problems in the future at maturity. Ex.. Hip dysplasia

  • grumpy girl

    it will not kill the puppy, but the reason they MAKE a puppy formula is for the puppy to grow properly. most large and giant breeds are taken off of the puppy food at 6 months to a year, because you do not want them to grow at a rapid rate. slow and steady for these dogs. smaller dogs on a puppy food for a year is best.

  • Sara L

    You are correct. They make Puppy food and Adult food for a reason. It has the nutrients and the fat that a pup needs to grow strong!! He should be on it until hes atleast 1- 1.5 years old, depending on the breed as well.

  • Marisa

    no itll be fine, my doggie didnt like puppy food so we just gave him regular dog food and hes perfectly fine. his momma was 40 lbs his dad was 80 and hes 60–thats smack in the middle so im sure hes healthy.

  • ξ Bindi §

    Puppy formulas should be reserved for pregnant and lactating animals. They are far to nutrient rich for puppies.

    Puppy foods cause rapid growth in puppies, rapid growth leads to bone and joint problems later in life.

    An All Stages food promotes a slower more healthy growth pattern.

    Puppies should grow up slowly not spring up like weeds.

  • redbone

    there’s a reason why they make puppy food, just like a baby , we feed it milk, then gerber, then table food. have you even taken your dog to the vet . I’m quite sure they can tell you the importance of puppy food.

  • The new thought now is with large breed dogs that you are better feeding the puppy dog food as the puppy food can contain a lot of fat and too much protein and so cause the dog to grow too fast.
    I fed my Airedale dog food from day one and she grew up fine.
    I would suggest talking to your vet and seek their opinion.

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