puppy for sale sign?

im making a for sale sign for a puppy
what are some good qualities to put on the sign?
and im not going to lie if it isnt true
butt what sounds good??
what do you look for in a dog/ puppy??

thanks. 🙂

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  • hmmmmm good qualities well there age, name if it has one,color,size,kind of dog = ) and make it colorfull but not to dark around the letters so like this………………………….
    .age of puppy: ???? .name of puppy:????? .color:????
    .size:?????? .kind of puppy:????????????
    THANK YOU!!!!

  • I don’t know, but you should really get to know any potential buyer before selling them a puppy. That way you’ll get a good idea what their home life will be like.

  • it matters if the dog/puppy is cute and playful and nice and if its true put that

  • No offence intended, but I look for someone that’s not using a for sale sign. That can attract a LOT of people you don’t want your dog going to. If you’re going to use a sign, I’d talk thoroughly with anyone that’s responding to it, and do a home check before you let them take the pup. I’d do the same with a newspaper ad, etc… but, the best thing about a newspaper ad or whatever, is you can be in touch with them a LOT before they come near your home or your do. Also, just a bit of a warning, I’ve known a few people who used for sale signs for their dog, and wound up having the dog stolen. Best of luck to you, and I would highly recommend a newspaper or online ad before you try a for sale ad! Again, no offence intended, just my opinion!

    EDIT: It is not illegal to call a dog a pure bred if it does not have papers. Pleanty of pure bred dogs don’t have papers for many reasons. In most cases, this is sadly due to backyard breeders who are breeding solely to make a quick buck. If it were illegal, 9 shelters out of 10 would be breaking the law, as they get pleanty of pure bred dogs, and don’t call them mixes, they call them what they are. Also, breed specific rescues would breaking the law as well, as they take not only mixes of their specific breed, but pure breds as well.

    It’s not illegal by any means, but organizations like the AKC, in most cases, wont paper the dog unless the parents were both papered, a DNA test is done on the dog, etc… It’s very difficult to get papers on a pure bred that didn’t come with them in some cases. Not having papers doesn’t necessarily make a dog mixed or not pure, and it’s not illegal by any means to call them what they are, although, if you don’t know the parents, background, breeding, etc… of the dog, you could be wrong in calling them a pure bred without knowing it.

  • You sound like a classic BYB. Thanks for contributing to shelter overpopulation. Thousands of dogs die every year just so you can make money off of your dogs.

  • friendly, loyal, playful, likes other dogs/other cats, good with kids

  • personality, picture, breed, age,


    Value means – why am I paying for a pup?? what have you done to make it worth money?? is it registered?? is it vaccinated? dewormed? Vet checked..

    if not.. it isnt worth any money..

    I would NEVER pay a cent for a pup that has not been vet checked or come with a health guarantee..

    it is ILLEGAL to call it a purebred if you dont have registration papers for it…

  • What I look for when purchasing a puppy..

    AKC, or other recognized, registration.

    CH parents from well-known bloodlines.

    OFA, BAER, and Cerf ratings on the parents.

    excellent health guarantee.

    spay/neuter contract on all pet puppies.

    if you feel the need to advertise with a sign tho, you probably dont have any more than the registration on the pups tho.

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