puppy stores in seattle WA?

good quality puppies, not just some from puppy mills

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  • gotta be named Lucille

    I hate to say it but no reputable breeder would sell their puppies to a store. No matter what the store says, their puppies are from a mill.

    Try going through a reputable breeder (one recommended by a breed registry,) a rescue organization or a shelter. There are many happy, healthy dogs in shelters/rescue organizations.

    http://www.petfinder.com is a great resource to find any type of dog in your area that is in a shelter or with a rescue group.

  • August

    You should go to the shelter.

    Those dogs are probably originally from the puppy stores but got lost and never found. You can save a perfectly great puppy for like $300 cheaper than what you’d be paying at a puppy store.

    Please Adopt, don’t buy!!!

    Im sure that in Seattle, WA hundreds of dogs are euthanized everyday because people would rather buy than adopt. Save one.

  • deevis

    Please don’t support puppy stores. Go to a shelter or try and find a rescue group. Check out NOAH – it’s north of Seattle (Stanwood, WA). It’s a really nice adoption center.



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