Question for those who work for the GUIDE DOG FOUNDATION?

I absolutely love dogs and feel a real connection to them. Most dogs love me and get along with me really well. I thought I could put this quality to use in a profession that would make a difference. I am looking into becoming an apprentice guide dog trainer. Is this a rewarding job? Is it frustrating at times if the dog just doesn’t seem to be learning something? Does anyone know what positions like this pay? I live Long Island, NY. If you know anything about it or know someone who does it, can you please share your experiences. I have already looked at the website, but I’m looking for real life experiences, opinions and testimonials that I might not necessarily see on the website. Thanks!

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  • sophylakes

    go to guide dogs for the blind,,,,,,,,, don’t just check web sites… another BIG PLUS is if you have trained and showed a dog – earning AKC obedience titles will get you more respect …

  • Rena M

    Check out pawswithacause and contact them

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